food for thought

With all the politically correct concepts throughout society!
I would love it if it did become accept!  It might be acceptable among some people in their twenties, but then, if they knew my age, the response would probably be EWWWWW! NASTY!!!!!!

I would like other people to know, but that first step is IRREVOCABLE! 

What are your thoughts?

Would you like certain people to know you are spanked?

Would you like certain people to know that you spank your partner?
Food for thought
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Anonymous said...

My wife believes in hiding nothing and so coming out I did not need to worry or concern myself. Her best friends knows, others I suppose, her family I do not know if they have been made aware. If you ask me if I’m spanked I will reply Yes, my wife does not approve of not telling the truth.

sissy snow said...

from the perspective of a humiliation fetish if spanking became acceptable part of the thrill of being a spankee would be gone.

sure there are more folks than those that already know im spanked. i think part of that thrill however is that its taboo

Joe said...

I do not care if others know I am spanked, in fact I think it would be a thrill to be spanked in front of a witness or two, maybe even have them help. My wife however is very private so no dice. May change some day wasn't too long ago she was did not want to spank too hard for fear of injury but has gotten past that.

Dan Mel said...

There are a few people who know I am spanked. A couple of my wife's friends and I know her mother and sister know. There may be others I don't know about.

Anonymous said...

One time a female friend asked if I could help her with a project she was doing at the weekend. I said I would but first of all I had to tidy up the apartment or my girlfriend would spank me. She smiled, I am not sure if she thought I was joking or not.

Red said...

anon: I imagine any lies would be spanked immediately.

sissy snow: some very good points. the thrill of doing something taboo

Joe: We are similar, in that Cindy would NOT want others to know. However, I think your wife and mine never would want to injure, so always spank with this knowledge

Dan: thanks for sharing. You are unique amongst most spanking couples

Richard: hmmm

bottoms up

Merryslave said...

I honestly don't care who knows (that I am frequently spanked) but the subject does not come up in any "normal" conversations I've had, and it's not something I'm likely to start a conversation with, or just blurt out.
Merry, on the other hand, seems to enjoy finding ways to inject the topic into random conversations, but the random people she talks to mostly think she is joking.

Anonymous said...

Nope. This is something between my wife and I and is inextricably linked with our sex lives so it our business alone.