effectively spanked

I am sometimes my worst enemy, and say things or get grumpy without a reasonable cause. Yesterday, this once again reared it's head, and we had a very small tiff.

While Cindy was out on messages, I came back to my senses and realized that being spanked would settle the waters, and calm my feelings of bein grumpy.

Deciding that I should be spanked is a good step in my opinion, and I was certain Cindy would agree.

I first placed three pillows on top of each other on the bed, and practiced being over them bottom up, so that angle would be fine. Implements were then retrieved for Cindy to choose from, or request something else. The implements I put out were the long leather tawse, the teacher's crooked cane, and a straight thinker cane.

When Cindy arrived home, I apologized for my grumpiness before, and ill-advised words, and asked she spank me. She accepted both my apology, and the request to be spanked.  I stated I would go upstairs and stand in the corner until she was ready.

When Cindy arrived in the bedroom, she was delighted to see the set-up and the implements, and complimented me on my choices. I had been thinking she would choose one, or use each for maybe what is called 'six of the best', but that was not to be the case.

Being told me to take off my underwear! I quickly was naked and over the pillows. Cindy questioned if it was good for my back, and I responded it seemed fine.

The long tawse was selected, and it was applied strongly across my bottom, causing feet dancing and squirming with each stroke. No such thing as 'six of the best' as more than twenty strokes were given, slowly until I was really performing feet antics. (straight out, knees firm, straight up knees bent, and in between dancing to Cindy's amusement. "This must be really effective!" Yes, dear.  Throughout this part of the spanking, a lecture was delivered about my behavior, with my agreeing to every suggestion Cindy made. (The long tawse does create this reaction at times)
Cindy stated well let's try this cane NOW, shall we? Yes, Dear!
Quick, strong, whippy strokes traveled all over my bottom, and occasionally beyond the crease of bottom to legs. A pause to review the lecture, then more spanks. My bottom was really on fire.

"Shall we finish with using this other cane?" was a question that I did not have to answer. Yes, Cindy stated, that seems to be a good idea.  (photos is obviously not me, but a decent example of a lighter shade of red that my bottom was displaying)

A number of strong cane strokes, then Cindy moved to the other side of the bed to make certain each cheek was well caned. More than twenty strokes were given with each implement.

When Cindy decided she was finished with spanking me, I was permitted to rise, and I thanked her immediately for the spanking. She said "you are welcome", and you may look in the mirror.

My entire bottom was red, with a number of discernible cane strokes at the top of my bum, and red every else.

I felt much better after the spanking, sore, but happy. (this is NOT a picture of me, and my bottom was both redder, and far greater coverage)

bottoms up

My bottom is still VERY sore today, but the redness has totally disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the description! Cindy is very strict with you, more than twenty with each implement seems very severe to me. Still if you are happy with it, it's OK. I guess everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. Whatever the level of severity, the principle is the same, adult males should be disciplined on their bottoms.

Anonymous said...

Saying your sorry is good for the relationship and hard on one's bottom when there is a spanking relationship. Not too long ago Robyn asked me to vacuum. Well I didn't get it done that day I felt other things were more important. the next day Robyn said you didn't vacuum yesterday so you will today and you will do it naked. Feeling a spanking was coming but having no choice I stripped and began to vacuum first in the kitchen when I finished I was going to the laundry room when Robyn said not so fast hands on the counter and stick your butt out. I did and got 20 good ones with the paddle. I then did the laundry room and did that...followed by hands on the dryer bottom arched out and 20 more. that went on for the living room, the hall way and three bed rooms. talk about a very red and sore bottom. after I told Robyn I was sorry and knew I deserved the spanking. she smiled and said get back into the bedroom. once there I was bent over the end of the bed and got 20 more with the belt. then she told me I was forgiven and we had wonderful sex.

Anonymous said...

An apology made with a request to be punished certainly carries a measure of sincerity, a measure increased by having everything in place for her to spank you.

Joe said...

Amazing Red you are a very man to a lady like Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you got your poor behavior corrected! Nothing like a red, and sore hiney to put a grumpy bad boy in his place and in a better mood! JayJay

Anonymous said...

Red, you have a great blog, and you do it for years on a volunteer basis! I thank you very much! Also on this post you show aptly, how it goes in some marriages and should also approach. Husbands have remained in their hearts small, naughty boys, and to make them better, their wives now have to use the cane more often and treat them differently than little boys!

Red said...

Richard: hard strokes by our standards, but nothing like you see on some websites and tumblrs, where there is blood. We never break the skin, and never leave bruises, but I certainly feel every spank significantly. Realize that some photos or gifs show a woman bringing the cane from way beyond her head down as strongly a she can. This is nothing like we do.

archedone: thank you for sharing, and I will re-post this at some time. Amazing how well Robyn has progressed in spanking you, from what it was like at the beginning. Maybe you might write again (I have lost it) of how spanking began in your relationship, and send it privately so that I can make a post about it, and then finish with the spanking you described here.

anon: very true

Joe: Cindy is an amazing woman, who I love dearly.

jayjay: it works every time. I am NEVER grumpy after being spanked

Anon; We only approve of consensual spankings for adults, thus, at no time do we refer to naughty little boys. I am a man who is snaked, and proud of it, and proud of my wife for spanking me when needed.

bottoms up

Maria said...

Five years ago I spanked my husband in Valentine and he liked it. After a week I asked him to spanking but he wasn't agree with me and I said him first time you spank me and after that is my turn. After he spanked me, both of us enjoyed it. He still spanking me for five year and he said to me that if I spank him again, he give an embarrassing spanking to me front of my parents. I proud to be spanked by my husband.