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Cindy goes through cycles, where I m spanked frequently, then long stretches of no spankings. Today, we returned to the spanking mode.

I sent a joking email to one of our children, and ruminating about giving more money for the birthday present. Cindy was copied, and when she read it, came into the room where I was on the computer and was extremely annoyed, saying we had lots of things in the house to spend money on, that she has been wanting done!


I later went to her, and said that I was dismayed! I had not meant to anger her, but she has a way to deal with that anger, and spanking me is that option available to her, instead of both of us being annoyed.

Sometimes, I sit on my brains, stupidly. I added, while standing) that if you can take two minutes out of your busy day, then you can spank me whenever you are unhappy. Cindy was at that time busy making dinner for company that evening.

Well, dumb is as dumb can be. Incensed by my words, it was upstairs to the bedroom, the tawse and the cane, and a OTK for me in no time whatsoever.

The short tawse had me jerking and my feet dancing, as every spank was given with a purpose.   Many spanks were given, with maybe three pauses between flurries of spanks. I was apologizing for my rudeness, that had not meant to have been said, but simply blurted out in anger.
(I cannot seem to find pictures of OTK with a short tawse, but let me assure you that given with conviction, this was my exact response as the photo above)
My apology was accepted, so I was permitted to rise, then bend over with hands on the bed, as the cane was then applied to make certain I know that I had been spanked, and that I would remember the spanking for a couple of days.  Cindy must have given about twenty strokes.

My bottom was fire red over most of the area, when Cindy finally finished.

I thanked her for my spanking! I added that this is a much better way to solve a problem, than us being angry. Cindy agreed

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Some times we say things we wish we hadn't and some times they are taken wrong. In this house also Robyn has the authority to spank when ever she feels one is needed, and that included helping her get over her anger.

Anonymous said...

Love that first pic!! Getting spanked is one of Nu-West's greatest models, "Debbie" And the spanker - is her sister!

Red said...

archedone: a very good method for families to follow , when adults are consensually spanking adults.

anon: glad you like it
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

That's what happens here with much longer interludes in between spankings.
Daily life intervenes and also health issues.
At times John complained about the lack of spankings which reminded me once again he just can't go without.
Fortunately the situation with a trigger finger improved so far that I have a better grip on a small selection of implements again.
And I use them more frequent.

Cheers, Danielle

Red said...

Danielle: Yes, both John and I need to be spanked regularly. Glad you are well enough to give him what he needs, and the spanking certainly makes life more pleasant and keeps everything on an even keel.

bottoms up