a good book

So many good ideas can be found in books.
 and women unaware of spanking their partner would benefit from being the dominate personality in the marriage, not the submissive
What books have you read that have made you interested in spanking, or being spanked.
My readings were first from Aunt Kay's Disciplinary Wives Club website, and then from her booklets. You can still purchase them if you are just starting to convince your partner that spanking might be worth trying.,

however, I cannot imagine that any book is this interesting

Photoshopped probably!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why but for years Robyn has spanked me. Spanked for punishment, for maintenance and just because she wants to spank. But to my knowledge she has not looked at any spanking sites on the net or read and books. But I can say she sure enjoy tanning my bottom and so do I.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I bought a book called "Spanking the male mind" from Wilder Street Publishing, which my girlfriend and I both found very good. It explains that spanking and BDSM are not the same, it lists the advantages for a woman in spanking her partner, and it contains a number of accounts from women describing how F/M spanking has improved their relationship. Shortly after reading it we made another purchase - a wooden paddle!

Dan Mel said...

My wife learned almost everything about spanking me from Aunt Kay's books.

Red said...

archedone: delightful that both of you enjoy the spankings, and that Robyn has taken so happily to spanking you. Women love to please their husband.

Richard: thanks for sharing your history, and the title of the book. I will look it up. Many couples have found the same benefits of spanking.

Dan: I learned most things from Aunt Kay's website, as did Cindy

bottoms up

Merryslave said...

When I was 17, I walked by, then up to, a street vendor of adult books and magazines.
I bought a copy of "The Anthology of Spanking Literature" and I've been a spanko ever since.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps everybody is reading a How To book.