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Cindy goes through cycles, where I m spanked frequently, then long stretches of no spankings. Today, we returned to the spanking mode.

I sent a joking email to one of our children, and ruminating about giving more money for the birthday present. Cindy was copied, and when she read it, came into the room where I was on the computer and was extremely annoyed, saying we had lots of things in the house to spend money on, that she has been wanting done!


I later went to her, and said that I was dismayed! I had not meant to anger her, but she has a way to deal with that anger, and spanking me is that option available to her, instead of both of us being annoyed.

Sometimes, I sit on my brains, stupidly. I added, while standing) that if you can take two minutes out of your busy day, then you can spank me whenever you are unhappy. Cindy was at that time busy making dinner for company that evening.

Well, dumb is as dumb can be. Incensed by my words, it was upstairs to the bedroom, the tawse and the cane, and a OTK for me in no time whatsoever.

The short tawse had me jerking and my feet dancing, as every spank was given with a purpose.   Many spanks were given, with maybe three pauses between flurries of spanks. I was apologizing for my rudeness, that had not meant to have been said, but simply blurted out in anger.
(I cannot seem to find pictures of OTK with a short tawse, but let me assure you that given with conviction, this was my exact response as the photo above)
My apology was accepted, so I was permitted to rise, then bend over with hands on the bed, as the cane was then applied to make certain I know that I had been spanked, and that I would remember the spanking for a couple of days.  Cindy must have given about twenty strokes.

My bottom was fire red over most of the area, when Cindy finally finished.

I thanked her for my spanking! I added that this is a much better way to solve a problem, than us being angry. Cindy agreed

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keeping him (or her) in place (part one)

one method is the time honored
Have the spankee over one knee, and use your other leg over the back of his(her) legsto keep them iin place
and totally reducing the squiring and feet dancing that they might normally do. If you are tall, you can still keep both of your feet on the ground
 Some choose to have hand on the spankee's side, to remind them to stay on the knee until you are finished
whereas others choose to increase the intensity by holding one of the spankee's  arms behind their back, making them feel entirely helpless

Does your partner ever spank you in this fashion?

Should you suggest this to your spanker?

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the simplest solution

Sometimes you screw up, and the situation needs to be dealt with. The easiest solution

 in a consensual relationship
 Have him bare his bottom, while you retrieve the wooden paddle, then hav ehim bend over your knees
SECURE HIM PROPERLY IN PLACE, so no possibility of rolling off your knee
Immediate fast and hard spanks and change the tempo while you spank
Time toc heck how warm his bottom is, and  little lecture reminding him that his actions caused him to be over your knee being spanked
 Now, slower but firmer spanks will have his head bouncing
 and a few more spanks while he stands in the corner after his spanking
A method that is guaranteed to solve almost any problem, quickly
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 so remember to keep giving hugs
no matter what age you are



outdoor spankings

It is that time of year
to bare those rears
and give them
the spanking


and let this be the good old days
Have you ever been spanked outdoors?
I have been spanked outdoors, but never made to cut the grass like this

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Wooden bath brush

Does your family own a wooden bath brush?
I think it is an implement that everyone should own, as it is easily EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, with little effort on the part of the spanker. Now this is obviously FALSE ADVERTISING!

Seeing your partner sitting on the spanking chair
 with the bath brush in her hands
and maybe smacking it against her hand to show the sound that will soon be happening
The advantage of a bath brush,,  over a hair brush is it's length! You cannot help from looking how large and long it is while baring your bottom.
and it's effectiveness has your feet dancing immediately. The long arc adds even more strength to every spank.
Using it will bring a smile to your wife's face, as she sees how delightfully it impacts your bottom.
It is good that someone is smiling! You will not be smiling
She can even play with you a little, and tease you with the brush side instead of the wooden side, and as you see it can still make quite an impact.
Your desire for cleanliness will not be questioned, but the agent might notice, as in our case, that the wooden side has lost all of it's polish, but the scrubbing part is virgin new.
Thus, when you are on vacation for more than a week, no weekly maintenance spanking need be missed.
We own three, having first purchased one from the Vermont Country Store eons ago, and then a Body Shop one (which is just too heavy and deadly), and a new one with longer handle in a grocery store while we were away a few weeks ago.

Please leave a message and share with our readers some of your experience being spanked or spanking with a bath brush.

comments from the humorist Steven Wright

     I intend to live forever... So far, so good.

     If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
     Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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