weight management spanking

Unfortunately, my weight has once again blossomed, not by a lot, but unacceptably. We ae going to use a concerted effort to get it back below 180. It was at 181.5 two days ago.
Thus, I was spanked, at my request, as I explained to Cindy that sitting on a sore bottom is the best reminder I could have.

Using the living room sofa, I was bare bottomed leaning over, touching my hands palm down on the seating area.

Cindy once again used the teacher's cane, which is both whippy, and packs a significant smack.

Many quick rapid strokes were given, as I was reminded of how I need to stay healthy so that we have a much longer life together, including seeing our grandchildren and children grow, and also that we can in health travel throughout the world.
I was owwing, and also unknowingly, significantly on tippy toe to try to move the cane to other areas.

When Cindy decided she was finished a few extra spanks were given with the long tawse as a reminder to work on my weight, and stop so much snacking at night.
I am determined, with Cindy's help, to get to 175 or lower.
Bottoms up



Michael M said...

Best of luck with the campaign. Spanks means ounces.

Red said...

Michael: thanks
bottoms up