next day spanked again

We had company in the evening after dinner, on the day we resumed spanking for weight management.

I had quite a bit of wine, and also quite a bit of cheese and crackers, with some shelled nuts (almonds/walnuts) thrown in for good measure. We discussed our upcoming vacation, as they are from Newfoundland.

After our guests had left, I was thirsty and had a small piece of blueberry pie with milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter just before bed. Ridiculous.

We have company coming to stay with us for two nights, so I asked Cindy to once again use the cane, so that I can stop this crazy eating.  I am also thinking that if I go into the kitchen to get a snack after our friend has left, I will eave a bath brush there, and instead take it to Cindy instead of snacking.

I choose the cane, and bring it to Cindy.A different cane this time, A long, somewhat thicker, so that it would be effective,
(the above is more the position I was in, such that although the skin is not taut, more fleshy parts are thus available both towards the top of my bottom, and the bottom of my bottom)

Kneeling on the chair, bare bottom, Cindy delivered many strokes of the cane, and my bottom is sore writing this three hours later. Significant red on most of my bottom.

Maybe I will learn. I hope so. I also spent 2.5 hours working in the garden, and it was somewhat hot, so trying to burn calories as much as possible.


Later in the afternoon, we made love, and it was shouting orgasmic for both of us.


Bottoms up



Baxter said...

Red, there is a huge fly in the ointment of your issue here. You LOVE being spanked so it doesn't matter how much or how hard or how often Cindy spanks you, you will continue to pig out. BTW, 180 lbs is a perfect weight and five pounds one way or another is not big deal. What you need to do is to actually avoid the kitchen and thus temptation. And not secret any goodies anywhere else in the house.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaning toward agreeing with Baxter. Unless your waist line is growing a few pounds one way or another is probable water weight. But then any reason to bare the bottom and get a good hard spanking is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

From my point of view, it should be a 'spanking deprivation' that should do the trick for you, Red.

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay).
BTW: I did send you an e-mail earlier this week.

Anonymous said...

As I said before - maybe the spanking should be a REWARD for losing weight and not a punishment.


Red said...

Baxter: somewhat true, but I always try to change whatever behavior has resulted in a spanking, so in that manner, this can be effective. Our meals out are always a problem, as lots of extra salt is probably added.

archedone: I am always trying to reply to your comments, but it takes longer, as they do not appear in my yahoo email feed. Hopefully you are seeing them. A spanking is always worthwhile, but I am trying my best to lose some weight

Marco: that might work! Sorry, behind in emails, as busy planning next vacation

Yorkie: could be a good method

bototms up

Joe said...

As always Red a great post. I agree you love being spanked as much as I do so it is not a punishment but a treat. Also a couple pounds variation is normal sometimes so not a worry. So just bend over and enjoy.

Red said...

Joe: while you are being strongly spanked, and lectured, it is a punishment
bottoms up