fun things on vacation

well, we saw puffins, humpback whales, icebergs, and lots of lobster. The weather was downright cold, so wearing many layers, we hiked on many trails and had a great time.

Cindy got uptight really strongly once, but six spanks on her bare bottom made her see the stress free way as opposed to worrying about something. She has a very active imagination, and can dream up scenarios to worry herself, and this spanking put that in perspective to stop the worry. We talked about the topic rationally afterwards, and all was well.

With my encouragement, Cindy did flash me for pictures of her topless, twice on the same trail with different surroundings. The second time, some people came up behind us from around the bend about 45 seconds later, so no worries.

Do you take topless or more photos of your partner outdoors? (PS: this is NOT Cindy)
Does your partner take photos of your spanked bottom?  (As you can imagine, this is NOT me)

Enjoy life, and let your worries not interfere with living a full and happy life.

bottoms up


home again

Over the next few days, I will try my best to respond to readers comments that were left on posts while I was away.

Once again, we had a absolutely wonderful time.

A few spankings, not many, and a little warm-up your bottom while on a hike.  While walking near a trail, we came across this wonderful bundle of switches.
Choosing one, I removed the branches and handed it to Cindy.
Assuming the position, Cindy applied a number of significant strokes, but the lighting outside did not have the effect shown as readily as some indoor photos.
They were effective, and produced a few grunts and yippes. 
Hope you are having fun.
 and if it means you need to be spanked, bare your bottom and accept your fate

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thought for today

This is a good idea for all consensual spanking situations
Guess the tenderness approach did not work today
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determined women

As a male, I know that I enjoy looking at Cindy's pussy if I am baring her bottom for a spanking.
However, so many photos exist of women whose mindset
is on administering a strong spanking
and the state of a man's cock has little relevance
Personally, Cindy will remark if I have an erection,
stating too bad this is going to be wasted by my being spanked..
notice she is looking at his eyes..... and he is probably explain why he should not be spanked, and thus making a more determined spanking to be his fate
are you erect  (or in a women's case moist) when about to be spanked?
bottoms up


ice breaker

This is one way to let your friends know that the husband is spanked in this house when needed.
Clearly, an easy ice breaker method to start a discussion.
If your husband objects to someone finding out, 
followed by
a little demonstration will stop all future objections.

Are you comfortable enough with being spanked that you would object to friends knowing?

My answer would be
family - please do not tell them
friends - definitely would make me extremely polite

bottoms up



The joys of a brisk cool breeze

Lovely to walk around town on a surprisingly, unexpected cool day...
Posing for a picture
but aware that her nipples are PERKY
she might be wondering if men will ever grow up/
 and some women are thrilled that the answer is NEVER
 Others, however, are definitely annoyed by your photography skills
and will deal with it when you are home

bottoms up



oh la la

No words are needed
raising your chin with her finger
standing with hands on hips

with an amused look at your obvious discomfort
your fate is sealed
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Fun captions to live by

My first goal in life
and to always be ready for dinner
One problem solving method that Cindy uses
and then finish whatever was happening before the spanking was necessary and given
However, another equally wonderful way, which follows most of my spankings
but do go slowly

 and, as a result

bottoms up