We are staying with a friend that we have known for almost 50 years. Sadly, her husband, one of my two best friends died about seven years ago.
With train strikes in France. We have had to make alterations to our travel plans, and choosing things on a IPad is anxiety as we were looking at different things.
My anxiety lead to my being rude, which is unacceptable to everyone, including myself. I apologized.

After our friend went out on a message for more than an hour, I was spanked!

Bare bottom, over the knees, with both the short tawse and the wooden bath brush. A very thorough spanking, with lecture on how to deal with my anxiety.

Certainly an effective way to communicate a solution to the anxiety, as a sore red bottom helps to remind you

Bottoms up
Ps : the cruise was wonderful


an English Rose said...

Oh glad you had another wonderful holiday. Gotta love retirement :)
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are having a good time. Train strikes can be trouble some. I'm guessing your friend does not know Cindy spanks you or you might have been spanked in front of her. Good job Cindy keep him in line and a red bottom.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are in France (where?) Ask your friend to show you where to buy a martinet! :-)
L.& J.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could go shopping with your sister/sister-in-law. I'm confident that she would be of great assistance. ;)


Anonymous said...

From the spankings that follow from 'bad behaviour', I can only draw one conclusion: 'Red is a slow learner'. Have nice holiday, dear friend.

Marco (from Lindsay).

Red said...

Jan: as I always say, you must take vacations to get away from the daily grind of retirement :)
archedone: no, our friend does not know, so spanked in private.
L&J: I looked up martinet, but we have something like that, but it is too large and unwieldy.
matt: that would have been nice, but L$J never talk to me privately, so that we can share information
Marco: one always makes mistakes, and in our case I am spanked whenever it happens. Solves any anger or quarrelling.
bottoms up