One spanking more that same day , then a third

Permit me to make one thing exceptionally CLEAR!

Cindy spanks me because I want her to spank me.

It clears the air! This is an expression that means everything is fine and beautiful once again.

I over-react at times, and raise my voice, something somebody might call shouting. I get anxious, and then somewhat stressed.

We have a fabulous relationship, but with little bumps, that I prefer to be solved by a spanking.

Before Cindy gave me the second spanking, she said she would not because she is not a “cold bitch “. I had to explain that I have never thought of her like that, nor has anyone else. As we get back into more frequent and useful spankings, I need to be spanked STRONGLY whenever necessary. Cindy reluctantly agreed.

I sometimes get anxious, and instead of thinking out a patient solution, I barge ahead. An example is that I get impatient trying to program a garmin type device. When after three times trying, it was still not directing us. Before bedtime, I explained this anxiety, and requested another spanking so that I will be calm tomorrow when using it..

We decided to 👀 at YouTube, and found a video that solved our problem. Knowing the problem was solved, I went and retrieved and offered her the tawse. This is to assure both of us that I will be calm and happy tomorrow.

The spanking was once again the bath brush and the short tawse.
It was as significant as the first one, on an already sore bottom, that was still showing some red.

We then went out for dinner, which was sharing a delicious pizza and large goat cheese salad, with beer.

Before bedtime, I did something else that was wrong (which I have already forgotten). I asked Cindy to deal with it, dropped my pyjama bottoms, and bent over at the waist, while she applied about 20 spanks with the tawse.

Shall we say that I had a roasted bottom to sleep on! Fortunately, I sleep on my stomach.

All these spankings were at my request.

Bottoms up
Ps: by my barging ahead it had taken us 45 minutes to drive somewhere we could not find, that was a 21 minute walk,or a 8 minute drive we did find it after 45 minutes. ( Palais des Rois de Majorque)


Anonymous said...

J. (or N.) do/did NOT spank me because I "wanted to" (even though I never objected), but because they felt I "needed" (or deserved) it - which I probably do/did, at least in most cases. I did, however, get used to it - to the point of "volunteering" for it when I know I deserve it. It never earned me any reprieve or clemency, but I learned to acknowledge their "right" to chastise me as they saw fit!

Anonymous said...

People that are not spanked don't understand your reasoning. As one that also presents his bottom and wants the spanking knowing it will clear the thought process I understand 100% what you are saying. A good example I have a chore I have to take care of in the yard and hate doing it and I get very snappy with her.

Anonymous said...

"As one that also presents his bottom" - I think that phrase expresses the essence of F/M spanking. Aunt Kay is sadly no longer with us, but I remember the first time I came across the phrase was on the DWC website where she was discussing different spanking positions. She said the position was not all that important: "The important thing is that he presents his bottom for you to punish."
That is so true. When a male presents his bottom to a woman it is a real act of submission. Personally I prefer the over-the-knee position. With my bare bottom turned up to receive the stinging smacks of her hand or whatever implement she is using, I feel truly vulnerable and submissive.

Anonymous said...

I love to be spanked hard, as you know, and even though mine are just for fun and are an incredible turn on for me, I do agree that after (and after the sex in my case) my head is much clearer and my wife and I are much more connected. I want them more often! And I want to get more toys so my spankings can be harder, longer lasting spankings. Those tawses, some full length canes and a couple of demon paddles are on my wish list.


Dan said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. For me this is my second marriage and I know I made a lot of mistakes in my first marriage and maybe spankings may have saved it.

When I met my current wife I discussed discipline with her before we got married. I purchased Aunt Kay's books and gave them to her. My wife read Aunt Kay's website and we agreed that spankings would be a part of our marriage. My wife has come a long way since we first started the domestic discipline lifestyle.

Red said...

L: We are very similar, because I am spanked whenever Cindy thinks it is necessary (which does not mean I have done something wrong), and if I have done something wrong, I let Cindy know so she can spank me.
archedone: Glad you understand my thinking, which I believe is similar to many people who are spanked, both male and female.
Richard: a wonderful explanation of the lifestyle. thanks for writing
Yorkie: I think you should consider asking your wife to begin some discipline spankings also. Many spanking enthusiasts find it is really wonderful, as a loving way to clear the air whenever needed. You only live once, so purchase a new implement every now and then. You will not need the money when you are dead.
Dan: Cindy has come a long way since we first started my being spanked, and we have followed the same pathway lead by Aunt Kay.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

When I got home from work today, J. was waiting for me (holding the thick paddle) and ordered me to lower my pants... Only then did I realize I had not done the dishes after breakfast - a "minor" offense, to be sure... but one that still earned me fifty sound whacks (for which, as usual, I had to thank her and to kiss her hand)...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was one of those *** days - when I got the martinet in the morning (for failing to perform my chores to J's satisfaction), then a brisk dose of the switch she applied while we went out for a hike in the woods - and, finally a taste of the thick paddle before bedtime...

Red said...

: a slow learner