Cindy takes the initiative

It is always wonderful when Cindy takes the initiative, as this stops me topping from the bottom, and adds spice to our relationship and our love life.

Cindy always takes a freshen up shower, or a quick  freshen up in the bath similar to using a bidet, before we make love.

This time while I waited, she entered the bedroom and stated let's have the heart shaped paddle first! Somewhat surprised, I retrieved this for Cindy and bared my bottom over a pillow on the bed. Cindy then stated hw she wanted to try to make a heart shape on my bottom

The paddle is metal studded, and is shaped like a heart, but also has an opening in the middle that is shaped like a heart. A heart within a heart.

A few very intense spanks had Cindy disappointed, as the heart shape did not appear. Let's try the other cheek. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK but again disappointment, but my feet were dancing.

Back to the first cheek for many more, without any luck. All hard spanks, with Cindy commenting "well, you do like them hard Don't you?" Yes dear, was my reply.

Many more spanks distributed on both cheeks, and the nasty tip entering between the cheeks often, or wrapping on the far cheek. Lots of dancing feet, squirming, and OWWS!

Cindy stopped after a little while, quite disappointed. However, I made it up to her with wonderful love making for both of us, and fabulous orgasms.

It is wonderful that Cindy took the initiative. no  mention whatsoever of being upset or my doing something wrong, just simply a desire to see if she could make a heart on my bottom.

Enjoy life
As promised, here is my spanked bottom from one of the spankings while on vacation. cindy is very effective.



Anonymous said...

You said: "It is always wonderful when Cindy takes the initiative, as this stops me topping from the bottom, and adds spice to our relationship and our love life."

I can relate to this. I was the one who introduced spanking into our relationship but now my girlfriend sometimes initiates it. For example, a few weeks ago I took a shower and walked into the bedroom, dressed in just my underpants. My girlfriend was sitting on the bed, fully clothed. She remarked that she hadn't used the wooden paddle on me for a while and asked me to get it out of the drawer. I handed it to her and hesitated. She said in a commanding tone: "Get over my knee!" I quickly obeyed and she proceeded to paddle my bottom.

It was not a particularly severe spanking, but I found it very arousing because she had initiated it. She had told me to present my bottom and I had promptly done so. That is the way things should be in a relationship!


Anonymous said...

the only pattern Robyn leaves on my bottom is the stripes and welts from the whip.
But she gave it a good try. A good woman will always find a reason to spank LOL.

Joe said...

It is always best when T initiates a spanking as I always find it arousing even if severe because she is taking care of me and showing her love.

Red said...

Richard: glad it works for both of you
archedone: Cindy does not have to look far to find a reason. Due to a slight misplaced "what the hell", by next spanking might be very soon.
Joe: very true
bottoms up

paul said...

This is not a reply to comment above but a general comment my disiplinaraine when I really upset her now takes me bare bottom over the knee and uses a small thin cane called the nursery cane and caned me hard and fast till I am kicking and howling! It’s very effective and old school extreme form of caning wonder who else is very soundly caned in this manner it works as I know I have been very soundly Disiplined and hot welts to prove it!!!!