Happy spankers

Once again, a tribute to happy spankers.
FROM the MOMENT she invites you over her knee (this is the exact heart shaped paddle we have)
She SHOULD BE HAPPY! She is practicing a very effective bonding method of love between the two people
She should be delightfully grinning as she reddens your bottom.
she is solving a problem that has occurred in the relationship
and it is such an easy way to solve a problem, simply, he bares his bottom and is spanked
Cindy is happy after spanking me
 as it also solves any stress that I might have been having
If ever I am spanked in front of someone else (extremely unlikely), she would be happy to show how effective she is, if she got over the shyness of having people know she spanks me. ..
Advice for today: Ladies, bare his bottom, and enjoy your problem solving method
bottoms up



Advice for every man:
If your wife says
 You may be absolutely clueless of what you have done wrong
but you are about to find out...
could this be some sound advice???
 so just accept your spanking and agree you were wrong
because, you do not want to make your partner madder than they already are
bottoms up



What The Hell

Occasionally, my mouth blurts out things, before my brain is in gear.

My side of the story: Cindy wanted to cut the grass at our house, but I felt it was too soon after the last trimming. However, I acquiesced, and helped get the electric lawn mower out. She carried out the grass catcher bag. I put the battery in, and showed her how to adjust the level up one so as not to cut the grass too short during this hot weather.

I then went to see a neighbor for a moment. On returning, I saw her barreling across the lawn at great speed, and without the grass catcher attached. My reaction was to shout out: What the Hell!!!"

Cindy stopped immediately, and was NOT pleased, to put it mildly.

I explained that she needed the grass catcher, but that the most important was not to walk with speed, but to go slowly, as it is BOTH SAFER, AND DOES A BETTER JOB.

Cindy put the grass catcher on, and walked slower for the remainder of the time she was cutting the grass.

I imagine you know what follows. Circumstances did not permit a spanking that day, but the next evening, before going out, it was bare bottom over the knee for a rapid tawsing with the short tawse. Fast and furious.  You will NEVER shout at me outside. Oops.
Not the position, but tawse landing on only one cheek
When finished, I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

I looked in the mirror, and only one bottom cheek was red, and the crack, as Cindy had whaled away spanking only the closest cheek. Standing, the wooden bath brush was used to definitively redden the white cheek, to match the redness of the other cheek.

I again thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we finished dressing and went out to a party.

bottoms up



fun dominant female lead relationship captions part three

continuing on my merry way of other ideas to try
you might continue your amorous adventures
or maybe when he comes home from work these endearing words are saidbecause
she does know that
 unlike the look of unease she had the first time she was going to peg you
and readily even gets more adventurous
Have you ever tried pegging?

for some, it is commonplace
enjoy life
but this is a little extreme



fun DD thoughts for today

Although this is mostly a F/M blog most of the time, any spanking is always a fun activity to display..
Today could be for Cheryl, in case her and her husband choose to choose today to decide who spanks who.

The captions and ideas come from
however, the chair with a hair brush, or a chair with a belt, could easily mean the man will be spanked,
If I saw this, I would have the same reaction as Heidi.

 A hair brush look s so innocent to most people, but some know it's real purpose displayed on the table.
but, let us face facts, in this family, 99% of the time
Cindy sits on the chair
and I am over her knee
 and she is quite pleased with that arrangemnt
as am I
bottoms up

and, if Cheryl notices, actually the only person you seeing being spanked is a man.


preventive spanking

We were going to have visitors for two nights, and I asked Cindy for a spanking before they arrived so that all would be well.

Simply a preventive spanking, in that if I was doing something that Cindy did not agree with, she could raise an eyebrow, or some other method to let me know that from now on I would be earning another spanking.

Bare bottom, hands on the bed, for about twenty good strokes of the cane. The weekend was wonderful. The spanking was unnecessary, but prevention is always better than having to have a cure.

bottoms up



Cindy takes the initiative

It is always wonderful when Cindy takes the initiative, as this stops me topping from the bottom, and adds spice to our relationship and our love life.

Cindy always takes a freshen up shower, or a quick  freshen up in the bath similar to using a bidet, before we make love.

This time while I waited, she entered the bedroom and stated let's have the heart shaped paddle first! Somewhat surprised, I retrieved this for Cindy and bared my bottom over a pillow on the bed. Cindy then stated hw she wanted to try to make a heart shape on my bottom

The paddle is metal studded, and is shaped like a heart, but also has an opening in the middle that is shaped like a heart. A heart within a heart.

A few very intense spanks had Cindy disappointed, as the heart shape did not appear. Let's try the other cheek. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK but again disappointment, but my feet were dancing.

Back to the first cheek for many more, without any luck. All hard spanks, with Cindy commenting "well, you do like them hard Don't you?" Yes dear, was my reply.

Many more spanks distributed on both cheeks, and the nasty tip entering between the cheeks often, or wrapping on the far cheek. Lots of dancing feet, squirming, and OWWS!

Cindy stopped after a little while, quite disappointed. However, I made it up to her with wonderful love making for both of us, and fabulous orgasms.

It is wonderful that Cindy took the initiative. no  mention whatsoever of being upset or my doing something wrong, just simply a desire to see if she could make a heart on my bottom.

Enjoy life
As promised, here is my spanked bottom from one of the spankings while on vacation. cindy is very effective.



holding him in place

Sometimes, a fun way to give a good spanking (and receive one), is to be seductively held in place.
Her arm is obviously reaching to hold his cock, while she administers a nice spanking making his bottom very red.

Has  your partner ever done this?

bottoms up