home again SPANKING

Two weeks vacation, where you are staying with family, and not having any privacy to indulge in some of our favorite pastimes.

However, yesterday's spanking had nothing to do with making up for lost time. Cindy was extremely upset, SO WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE THAT SPANKING IS AN OUTLET FOR THESE EMOTIONS.

Cindy is having trouble with her feet, and has seen a specialist. She purchased a type of shoe recommended, but it has helped only a little bit. Yesterday, she went to a different specialist, and has ordered inserts for her shoes, and a second pair of shoes, costing a large amount of money.

Our previous lifestyle, before being retired, had us always being careful with money to pay all the bills for our children and the very high mortgage, with something left over for a vacation. Then their was the cost of living away from home at university for our children. With the children married and happy, and no longer an expense, we are financially sound and comfortable. We can easily afford these expenses, but our old ways still prey on Cindy's mind.

It was decided that I should be spanked (my suggestion), for fostering in Cindy's mind the guilt of spending so much money. None of the cost is covered by insurance, but we have the money, so it is not a problem.

We proceeded to our bedroom, and Cindy seated herself on the chair.   I went into the closet and brought her the short tawse. but Cindy  said no, and asked me to retrieve THREE implements!

I came back rather sheepishly with the short tawse, a cane (from Ronnie), and her favorite heart shaped metal studded paddle.

Bare bottomed over her knee, Cindy picked up the short tawse. She spanked strongly, but lectured at the same time, getting more and more worked up, such that I was yelping, and bouncing about. The spanking was not working, as she was now more upset than before, and spanking strongly and rapidly. I strongly stated stop, which she did.

I got off her lap, and we talked how the spanking was getting her more upset than solving any problem. We talked for a while, until things were calm.

Having some of my weight on her knees was hurting her feet, we moved to the bed, and I once again went over her knees, but her legs were stretched out, and her back supported by the headboard.

This spanking started strong, and got stronger. In this positon, Cindy strongly spanked in all directions, getting every part of my bottom, including the top of the back of my legs. Also, POSSIBLY for the first time (at least in a very long time)  the top part of my bottom was spanked repeatedly with that DAMN short tawse, and my yelps turned to args, ARGS, until finally AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!

This was the strongest spanking Cindy has ever given me. Cindy stated I could get up now, and I certainly felt like grabbing my bottom to console it. I thanked her for the spanking. Little was said.

Looking in the mirror, everywhere was red, and high up on both sides of my cheeks.

Sadly, nothing was really solved, and I think we both understood that.

About an hour later, I went to Cindy and asked her to finish the spanking so that we could get over this problem. She immediately agreed.

Aside: we had not made love for two weeks because Cindy is afraid someone would hear. Lowering my panties, Cindy stated sadness that my semi-erection would disappear. However, I assured her it would revive.

Bending over with my hands supported on the bed, the cane was applied with some strength, and then back over her knees for the leather paddle. My bottom was truly spanked, and SORE. I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and I believe the problem is solved.

this photo is not from this spanking, as the red went up to the topmost part of my bottom, completely red in the middle crack, wider on both cheeks,and lower also on the legs.
We then proceeded to have sex, each of us having an amazing orgasm.

How did the spanking help? We have moved onwards, and no discussion will occur about cost of shoes, which I never had stated. Cindy has agreed that many of her shoes are wrong for her, even though they are cute, as I have repeatedly stated over the years that I never look at her shoes.
Cindy has also agreed that we are past the spending habits of old, and will purchase whatever we need, or want, PERIOD!!!!!!!
One elongated spanking and one very sore bottom, instead of hours or days of unhappiness and unwise comments to each other

Look at how small the heel was on one  of her pair of shoes, that we have since discarded.
and now a smile
Daylight saving time

bottoms up


Baxter said...

I know it is fashion, but some of the shoes women wear are stupid. On a recent winter day in The Loop, walking along in my LL Bean winter boots through the slush and snow was a woman walking in high heels, teeter tottering. WTF people. Use your brain. My wife, thankfully, has always purchased sensible shoes that would help not hurt. Getting the right shoes should never be a matter about money. My wife and I (no kids) have always purchased the right footwear for hiking and walking.

Anonymous said...

Too many people buy shoes that are pretty, rather than shoes that are proper for the feet and Cindy may have fallen into that. Also we change with age and what may have been OK at one time are not anymore. I hope her problem is solved. As far as the spanking went, I've never had one like that and hope I don't. It sounds like she was in pain while spanking you.

ronnie said...

That was quite a spanking Cindy gave you. Love the stonehenge one.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too believe that a sharp spanking (or whipping) is a better alternative than endless bickering and recrimination.

Joe said...

Never a bad time for a good spanking but please tell Cindy health is much more important than fashion.

Red said...

Baxter: Cindy's shoes have always been about looking good, looking cute, with little comfort. She is now paying the price so to speak, as did I. It has never been a case of money regarding shoes

archedone: very true, a lot of frustration, about not being able to wear cute shoes. (and now having to pay so much to try to rectify the problem.

Ronnie: very true, and is that not what they do at Stonehenge :)

J: we agree

Joe: very, very true.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I guess I agree (but, then again, I don't have a choice but to take what you think is an "appropriate" alternative...

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Chicagoan (work in the Loop), I see the same. Although I don't always mind women wearing shoes that show off their legs and feet the right way.

My favorite is going to a Cubs April night game and seeing a woman walk in with flip-flops. I didn't know they had heaters in them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, buy whatever shoes or inserts that you need. As we age (I'm over 50), I think mobility is key to good health and long life. I think people with mobility issues begin to suffer other health impacts. Humans weren't meant to sit still.

Red said...

anon: so obvious.. yet women are a strange creature at times. I do not know of any men that would buy shoes by how they look. Men purchase shoes for comfort and support.
bottoms up

Red said...

Matt: common sense and fashion have NOTHING in common.
bottoms up