home again SPANKING

Two weeks vacation, where you are staying with family, and not having any privacy to indulge in some of our favorite pastimes.

However, yesterday's spanking had nothing to do with making up for lost time. Cindy was extremely upset, SO WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE THAT SPANKING IS AN OUTLET FOR THESE EMOTIONS.

Cindy is having trouble with her feet, and has seen a specialist. She purchased a type of shoe recommended, but it has helped only a little bit. Yesterday, she went to a different specialist, and has ordered inserts for her shoes, and a second pair of shoes, costing a large amount of money.

Our previous lifestyle, before being retired, had us always being careful with money to pay all the bills for our children and the very high mortgage, with something left over for a vacation. Then their was the cost of living away from home at university for our children. With the children married and happy, and no longer an expense, we are financially sound and comfortable. We can easily afford these expenses, but our old ways still prey on Cindy's mind.

It was decided that I should be spanked (my suggestion), for fostering in Cindy's mind the guilt of spending so much money. None of the cost is covered by insurance, but we have the money, so it is not a problem.

We proceeded to our bedroom, and Cindy seated herself on the chair.   I went into the closet and brought her the short tawse. but Cindy  said no, and asked me to retrieve THREE implements!

I came back rather sheepishly with the short tawse, a cane (from Ronnie), and her favorite heart shaped metal studded paddle.

Bare bottomed over her knee, Cindy picked up the short tawse. She spanked strongly, but lectured at the same time, getting more and more worked up, such that I was yelping, and bouncing about. The spanking was not working, as she was now more upset than before, and spanking strongly and rapidly. I strongly stated stop, which she did.

I got off her lap, and we talked how the spanking was getting her more upset than solving any problem. We talked for a while, until things were calm.

Having some of my weight on her knees was hurting her feet, we moved to the bed, and I once again went over her knees, but her legs were stretched out, and her back supported by the headboard.

This spanking started strong, and got stronger. In this positon, Cindy strongly spanked in all directions, getting every part of my bottom, including the top of the back of my legs. Also, POSSIBLY for the first time (at least in a very long time)  the top part of my bottom was spanked repeatedly with that DAMN short tawse, and my yelps turned to args, ARGS, until finally AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!

This was the strongest spanking Cindy has ever given me. Cindy stated I could get up now, and I certainly felt like grabbing my bottom to console it. I thanked her for the spanking. Little was said.

Looking in the mirror, everywhere was red, and high up on both sides of my cheeks.

Sadly, nothing was really solved, and I think we both understood that.

About an hour later, I went to Cindy and asked her to finish the spanking so that we could get over this problem. She immediately agreed.

Aside: we had not made love for two weeks because Cindy is afraid someone would hear. Lowering my panties, Cindy stated sadness that my semi-erection would disappear. However, I assured her it would revive.

Bending over with my hands supported on the bed, the cane was applied with some strength, and then back over her knees for the leather paddle. My bottom was truly spanked, and SORE. I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and I believe the problem is solved.

this photo is not from this spanking, as the red went up to the topmost part of my bottom, completely red in the middle crack, wider on both cheeks,and lower also on the legs.
We then proceeded to have sex, each of us having an amazing orgasm.

How did the spanking help? We have moved onwards, and no discussion will occur about cost of shoes, which I never had stated. Cindy has agreed that many of her shoes are wrong for her, even though they are cute, as I have repeatedly stated over the years that I never look at her shoes.
Cindy has also agreed that we are past the spending habits of old, and will purchase whatever we need, or want, PERIOD!!!!!!!
One elongated spanking and one very sore bottom, instead of hours or days of unhappiness and unwise comments to each other

Look at how small the heel was on one  of her pair of shoes, that we have since discarded.
and now a smile
Daylight saving time

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holding a spanked bottom

Instead of rubbing, have you ever just held your spanked bottom?
Does it help, as the spanker is obvious not sympathetic in the next photo
 Does dancing help?
 running away if the spanking is not finished is never a good idea, as for certain the spanking will be given again
 I wonder if the man is telling the spankee to get back into position

Does holding your bottom after a spanking give any consolation/
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With spring here I see my neighbor is back to her    routine of stepping out in the early morning for a cigarette -   

She does this every morning at 6 AM!       

Damn I hate getting up so early.
Oh, about the dog…….

I really don't know what her dogs real name is –         
I just call him "Lucky"....



The benefits of laughter, and having a positive attitude in your everyday life are amazing.

Such an easy thought to make a man happy
 Men are truly such simple things.. most would love this beer glass
of course, this would be even better
keep smiling

and if your partner is deemed to be doing something inappropriate..
there are solutions

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mature women spanked

It is always delightful to see older women being spanked. Clare seems to be spanked much more often recently... delightful
 /the age play method is sometimes used to show a very much younger  (school uniform) woman doing the spanking
 but we can all realize that all models are over the age of 18( and most likely older than 21)
The idea is delightful for many reasons
one of which can be the humiliation (submissive) feeling being seen by a younger person with your bottom bared for a spanking. This then is magnified, when you see who will be doing the spanking. The young woman giggling because she knew she was going to spank someone, and now realizes it is her teacher/vice/principal, just adds to the submission.
Of course,  then realizing she is the one who will be spanking you is adopting a very stern manner
another reason is the women being spanked our more from our age group. (Many women spanking bloggers that talk about their spankings are at least over 30.)
so, one can almost imagine being spanked by their grown-up daughter
religious figures might be added .. like a nun spanking a mature woman
or a daughter in pigtails  spanking her mother or aunt

Enjoy the fun thoughts....
Inspiration time: Maybe some  people might like to write a little story for one of the photos.

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adventurous Tuesdays: cell phone fun

This should actually say 50's and 60's
A thought I put out there every now and then! Our bodies are beautiful, at every age and stage in life. We, as bloggers, want to keep our identity private!.
However, maybe at least one ttwd woman spankee might like to post a photo like this, without showing any face, or other obvious surroundings. Strict Julie does, as do I, and I believe it gives a person more confidence when looking at themselves. I still take topless and more photos of Cindy, and they ae wonderful, and she is beautiful. Soapbox speech has ended.
Enjoy the post
Now, you can never really know if these are paid models sending photos of their bare bottom
but it is fun to imagine
and think back to your days
in university
 and your early 20's
 maybe sticking her tongue out was to ask you to make her bottom the same shade of red as the rest of her is
 enjoy the thoughts
 and shouldn't some of our lady spankees be sending a photo to their husband.
sounds like a sure-fire method to be rewarded with a spanking.
enjoy life



Another hint that you are about be spanked

The hints are all around us.
You might be out for a walk, and all of a sudden you realize your partner has stopped walking, and you look at her..  the look is inscrutable (I think NOT)
The folded arms, and the stare tells you that you are in deep trouble
She is a little saddened by your attitude
you can almost read her mind, and it is saying : "that behavior has earned you a SPANKING"
You might try to argue that you have not done anything worng, but she has already tuned out your pleas
and is a little saddened by the fact you tried to argue your way out of your spanking...
but soon she will be happy again,   as you hear those words : Here boy, over my knee"
and we can see her delight (unfortunately you cannot) as she reddens your bottom
if she was very unhappy, you maight then have to strip to continue the spanking.
and then spend some quality time thinking about your behavior while facing the wall
Be certain to avoid creating a situation where she folds her arms as shown ...
many photos came from https://perfecthusbandismadenotmarried.tumblr.com

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