weight control spanking being instituted

As many people do, I have eaten too much while on a  cruise ship  for 21 days. Cindy has decided, with my agreement, that I have to lose weight, and spankings will be a part of getting me to some new goals.

Actually, Cindy explained this to me, while I was over her knee, and my bottom being peppered with the short tawse, EVERYWHERE on my bottom, with  lots  of enthusiasm given to each spank..

This happened the first day home (Saturday), and we will have a weigh in every Tuesday.

Remember that you always gain weight when flying, and with all the salt and sugar in the food onboard, the weight is abnormally high.

However, mine is too high, and I want it lower.

The spanking: well the far cheek when spanked has some significant wrapping, and when the near cheek is spanked OTK, the devilish tips dive into the crack between your cheeks.

A few tears were created in one eye before this spanking ended. This was on top of Valentines Day three spankings (on the Wednesday, and the strong tawse spanking for rudeness on Thursday, so Saturday had a very tender bottom that was spanked)

I imagine I will be spanked every Tuesday, until my weight is below 180, and continue until I get to 175. My height is 5' 10", or at least it used to be (5' 9.75" now). Sadly, I carry a lot of the weight in my stomach.

Cindy's spankings are now extremely effective, and I bounce around on her lap and gyrate, to no effect whatsoever, except for Cindy in a very amused tone saying your feet are showing your appreciation of my efforts. (they dance incessantly)

I will keep you updated on my progress, but will not mention my actual weight now (it is below 185)
I believe I can lose weight

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

If I got a spanking over her luscious lap every time I gained weight I would weigh 900 lobs but Cheryl has a reward for me when I take off some weight ii is ever her knees, hose and heels on her and a bare bottom spanking for me......G

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, Good for Cindy! Cruising is the worst holiday for eating though.....
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Never been on a Cruise, but can imagine the weight gain. Some time ago (years) Robyn applied the same tactic with me, leaving me many evenings with a very well spanked and sore bottom, but it worked. Enjoy getting to your proper weight. And be careful when it goes between the cheeks that hurts.

Baxter said...

I think spanking diet is in order for both me and my wife. I have thought of it in the past.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of being spanked as a REWARD for losing weight? I would...

Happy Spankings


juliesp said...

My approach is a graded series of implements. If he does really well, he gets a hand spanking across my lap... with lotion! The "carrot" is to the front of the boy, the "stick" to the rear.

Red said...

G: I expect you to start losing weight, and Cheryl will enjoy rewarding you in many ways.
Jan: Cindy needs to be effective, but it is a conundrum. I need to lose weight, but enjoy the afterglow of a spanking. We might have to spank only if I lose weight.
archedone: that might be the solution! Being spanked significantly each day until the next scheduled weigh in, and thus on a already sore bottom the next spankings will really start to be effective. (I really cannot control where the evil tawse lands.
Baxter: why not suggest it!
Yorkie; a possibility, but we seem to have evolved into preventative, and bad boy spankings (whether real or imagined).
Juliesp: this might work, if our current method fails.

thanks for the suggestions everybody.
bottoms up