Weigh in Tuesday

Well, I am almost a week behind in my posting, as I have used some quicker posts lately.
My weight the evening of the flight, a day of travel, etc  was ridiculous at 186. I want to be below 180, and the target is 175. By the Tuesday (20th), the scale showed 179, but our scale is terrible.
The problem with our scale is that you get a somewhat different reading every time you step on it.

Thus, weighing daily, by Thursday it was showing consistently above 180, around 182. I think what we will be doing is twice a week weigh ins, to remove some of the sexual feelings created by spanking, and to add additional motivation.

Thus, I was spanked on Thursday. A short corner time to contemplate, a short lecture that Cindy wants me living a lot longer, and excess weight (specially in the abdomen) can cause health issues.

Bare bottom, with two pillows raising my bottom, I was on the bed for the LONG TAWSE!

WOW! Slow spanks, that is with a pause in between for me to settle down, as each spank elicited an ARGGG!, and an involuntary leg kick, or even both legs jerking upwards at the knee. Cindy paused  after many spanks, and said : that is fifteen! I replied 17, which was very foolish. "Oh, so you were counting! Let's make it 20!

Cindy knows I use counting to lessen the effect of the spanking, and I try to avoid it. When Cindy stopped at 20, I had a couple of tears in both eyes.

Now the cane that our friend Ronnie so nicely sent us. This was another 20 strokes, somewhat faster, and fortunately not a strong.

My bottom was on fire when I finally was permitted to stand, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking.
Obviously, we will need to do a weigh-in daily, with a reckoning every three or four days. I no longer exercise the way I used to, with running full speed while officiating. Walking just does not use up many calories for me. I am using weights daily, and will try to be more active.  (Beside feet dancing when spanked)
 photos cannot begin to express the intensity that permeates a bottom. They do show how the tawse dives deep when spanking only one cheek, but I am now realizing that the supple leather probably just bends forcing it's way inward.
PS: I did try rubbing my bottom a little, but the sting and soreness remained just as strong.
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I don't know it this 'punishment spanking' is going anywhere for you. Since you loved to be spanked, it's like having a kid run into the candyshop for bad behaviour. The better punishment for you would be 'spank deprivation' and no orgasms for you. Your wife could get hers, since she's not under 'investigation'.

Think about it.

Marco (from Lindsay).

Anonymous said...

I've found when Robyn rubs my bottom it also does not ease the sting but does feel good. If your scale is giving different weights is it on a tile floor or rug? Also make sure it's on 0 before weighing. And what you are doing for weight loss will only get you spanked more. Also try sit ups jogging in place (naked for Cindy's benefit) or join your YMCA.

Glenmore said...

My advice is to get rid of your scales.Body weight is not a good indicator of fitness.Measure your body fat or BMI and adopt a routine of healthy eating and fitness program you can live with long term and avoid diets .

Baxter said...

the sixth picture from the bottom is a still out of a video. I watched that video once and that girl is just whaling on the guy for a very long time. If he was paying, he got his moneys worth. However, I agree with the others that diet and fitness will get you where you need to be. Scales can be odd things and your weight will go up and down due to bodily functions, if you are not as regular as you want to be. I have nothing against a spanking for weight loss, but keep in mind you have no control over your weight. Your body does.

Red said...

Marco; thanks for the advice, but if this does not work, then no spankings may be the result. Thus, I intend to make it work, as in reality, spanking is a game, but determination and necessity is more important. Remember to protect your prostate 21 times a month. Today's post is Cindy's thinking about weight loss.

archedone: good advice. I am doing weights n the evening while watching a dvd or Netflix, and walk/joy at a fitness center a few times a week, plus healthy snacking only.

The glenmore: very good advice, and actually what I am doing, but still using the scale to measure progress.

Baxter: That photo does look like a terrible spanking to take, but I used it as the bottom is red, not bruised, not bloodied. I will be doing more regular exercise from now on.

bottoms up