Valentine’s Day update

After a wonderful dinner of lobster tails, and an evening of dancing, followed by a comedy show, the last spanking session occurred.
No clothes, over the knees with Cindy sitting upright, the tawse visited the until then white top area of my bottom!
OWWWW just does not explain how effective this spanking was, and then the tawse visited all other parts of my bottom including the top of the back of my legs.
Cindy explained that I have eating too much on the cruise, and I. Can expect to be spanked often at home until I can show her that I am eating reasonably!

My bottom is very sore today, but a good soreness

Ps: I was truly squirming under the tawse, and the thought whilst writing this makes the top of my bottom sore remembering

Bottoms up


  1. Sounds amazing Red! I'd love to be spanked with a tawse. Where did you get yours?

  2. Hi Red, oh dear, everyone eats too much on a cruise!!!!! Have fun
    love Jan, xx

  3. Sounds great Red T does not like to use a strap on me as me but uses a paddle very effectively. Hopefully that will change soon as the paddle does have it's limits.

  4. Eating too much is not good for your health. It also appears Cindy is quiet good at making her "own" lobster tail.

  5. QBUZZ: Can-iac has two delightful (????) definitely effective tawses at a very good price

    Jan: I ate far too much, so now will have to seriously diet. (in total 29 days of eating out with so much added salt and sugars)

    Joe: Joe: the advantage of leather is that it can spank places where wood should never be used.

    archedone: we will be dealing with my weight in the near future, and like the lobster tail, my tail will be roasted

    bottoms up


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