Happy Valentines Day to everyone

Just a very quick post while using wifi on a Sea day!
We are celebrating by my being spanked three different times today!
First was Ronnie’s cane in groups of 14,to match the date of today!
Not hard, but had me moving and clenching, while over pillows. Total of 56 strokes or so, followed by fabulous love making. This happened in the morning.

This afternoon has groups of 7 to each cheek, with the bath brush. My bottom is quite on fire, as the total of both is a bit over 140.
Tonight after a formal dinner on board, will be a session with the short tawse. This was my idea, but Cindy is quite enjoying herself.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, hope you and Cindy have a super Valentine's day onboard!!
love Jan, xx

Joe said...

Sounds like a great V day and very similar to ours. As we do not have the house to ourselves very often but do now we are taking full advantage . I am being spanked in each room as the day goes on.

Anonymous said...

What a great Valentine's day Cindy is giving you. I hope the rooms on a ship don't let the spanking noises out or you might find a few more women that are willing to spank you.

ronnie said...

Sounds like you are having fun:) Good to hear that Cindy is making use of the cane. Happy belated Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

I got some beautiful roses (and some fancy chocolates) for Valentine's day, and decided that L. needed only a "token" spanking (three dozen by hand, and an equal number with my hairbrush... Standard discipline resumed today...

Red said...

Jan: thanks, it was a great day, and hoe your Valentine's Day was also

Joe: glad you can celebrate in great style, with a red bottom. How many rooms did the total number of spankings happened?

archedone: could be fun, but only with Cindy's approval

Ronnie: cindy certainly enjoys saying: oh this is the cane your friend sent us.

J: a delightful day for both of you

bottoms up