caned while on vacation

Well, in looking back, we had both a wonderful vacation, and lots of spankings. One was that I was caned one night, for some reason that I do NOT remember.

Ronnie's canes are very effective, so I brought one along for the vacation. The advantage of a cane is that it is silent, and the only noise is if I verbally or gutturally make a lot of noise while being caned.

Our next port of callt heenxt day was St. Martin, and avisit to the nude beach at Orient bay.
The photo does not show many marks, but if you were up close, you could see some red lines on the top of my bottom.

I was not afraid to show them, and wondered if someone would remark and thus spark a conversation about spanking.

The beach was basically  empty as to normal years, as the entire resort (Club Orient) was totally destroyed by the hurricane.

They did have some chairs and umbrellas to rent, and we felt we were adding a little to their fortunes by taking a taxi to and from the beach, and renting equipment. In the port, we bought some souvenirs, and hot sauces for cooking.
In 21 days of cruising, I might have spanked at least five or more times.
 oh well
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Bravo, Red! That took a bit of nerve. I can see the marks a bit and I'm sure others could too. Anyway you should get a special achievement award for posting a nude beach spanked bottom that HAS NOT been photo-shopped!!! This might very well be a first in the history of blogging. How refreshing!

Quentin QBuzz said...

I am sure your fellow cruisers can hear what is going on. I wonder if you have inspired any other couples to start spanking? Better keep your ears open ;)

Anonymous said...

The second photo does show some red lines. Too bad she didn't give you a few more before going on the beach. I can imagine the sounds coming from you when the cane is applied, along with the dancing feet. I had a nice experience myself last night. Robyn and I sleep nude and when she came into the bedroom last night she was holding the spanking belt in her hand and she said roll over and she pulled the covers down and gave me a wonderful spanking with the belt, followed by some oral work by me on Robyn then some oral work from Robyn on me. Great way to go to sleep.

an English Rose said...

Hi red, wow, what a holiday!
love Jan, xx

Dan said...

Glad you had fun. I'm on a month long vacation in Florida now and got caught being spanked. My wife needs one of those do not disturb spanking in progress signs. While I was being spanked there was a knock on the door. My wife made me stand in the corner while she answered the door. It was the cleaning lady who wanted to clean the room. She had to see me standing in the corner naked with a red ass. My wife told her to come back in about 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

We've never been on a nudist beach - but there was that time when N and I were on a lakeside (in Austria) and she decided to lower my swimming trunks and to flog me with a switch she had cut on the spot! And I know the scene was watched...

Red said...

kdpierre: thanks for such fine and entertaining words of praise. I am no longer afraid, with people we do NOT know, to admit that I have been spanked, and that it is a regular occurrence.

qbuzz; I am certain we have been heard. One cruise, our tablemates were in the cabin next doo, but there was also a child at the table, so the question never came up. The child was NOT in any room on the same floor.

archedone: Cindy is not brave enough to do that, at least not yet. Who knows by next year. Thanks for sharing your happy spanking adventures. Keep enjoying life

Dan: I doubt you need a sign, as your wife does not care that others know you are spanked. I wish Cindy had the same attitude, but not a big wish, as we have such a wonderful relationship.

L: sounds delightful. You should try a nudist beach, it really is an eye opener (smiling) for your mind about how similar people are without the pretension of clothes and status.

bottoms up

Red said...

Jan: sorry I missed replying....a wonderful holiday, and I chose to take a bath brush, a cane, and a short tawse. The weather was not the only thing that was hot.
bottoms up