weight on tuesday Feb 27

Well, only three or four days later, the weigh in occurred. I am pleased to note that my weight going to bed Monday night was 180, and at morning weigh-in it was 177. SUCCESS at the beginning, but not reality. .No potatoes, no bread, healthy snacks, but it will be a yoyo effect hopefully going lower over time.

Basically, I am eating almost no packaged foods, except bread, and that is minimal. I have cut (for now), my terrible snacking habits, but as everyone knows, the first couple of pounds are the easiest.

We were going to make love after coffee this afternoon, and Cindy went for a freshen up bath. While in the bath, she called to me to get three spanking implements for me!

I retrieved the short tawse, the leather studded heart shaped paddle, and old reliable. I put her high heel shoes out in front of the chair, after moving the spanking chair to the center of the room.

Cindy entered the bedroom, with a smile on her face, had me help with her shoes after she had put on a sexy pair of panties( why is it called a pair, and why is the word plural???)
Smiling, she patted her knee, the signal to bare my bottom and go over her knees. I certainly was not smiling, because I had no idea what I had done wrong.

She began strong and rapid with the leather paddle, and then paused with a happy air in her voice, and asked me why I was being spanked?

My response was that I had no idea!


Many more spanks as she happily told me how pleased she was with me, while I was squirming and leg kicking through the spanks, and owwing.

She stopped, and now took up the tawse, and proceeded to pepper both my bottom and the back of my legs, airily and happily saying how this is nothing compared to what I would receive if my weight falters and goes up.
She must have been smiling, because the happiness in her voice was undeniable. the spanking continued, but then finished, stating she doesn't really like  'old reliable'.

We then proceeded to me kissing and ..her breasts while kneeling on the floor in front of her, then moving to her pussy.
We moved to the bed, and made love, with each of us having a wonderful orgasm

Weigh in Tuesdays is going to be interesting, to say the least. Cindy has learned how to spank EFFECTIVELY, and this loving reward spanking was much harder than most I have ever received. Best not to put any weight back on, and at least maintain this weight for one week.

Wow, my bottom is still somewhat red two hours later, as it was sore while typing this, so I went to the mirror to see

bottoms up


Weigh in Tuesday

Well, I am almost a week behind in my posting, as I have used some quicker posts lately.
My weight the evening of the flight, a day of travel, etc  was ridiculous at 186. I want to be below 180, and the target is 175. By the Tuesday (20th), the scale showed 179, but our scale is terrible.
The problem with our scale is that you get a somewhat different reading every time you step on it.

Thus, weighing daily, by Thursday it was showing consistently above 180, around 182. I think what we will be doing is twice a week weigh ins, to remove some of the sexual feelings created by spanking, and to add additional motivation.

Thus, I was spanked on Thursday. A short corner time to contemplate, a short lecture that Cindy wants me living a lot longer, and excess weight (specially in the abdomen) can cause health issues.

Bare bottom, with two pillows raising my bottom, I was on the bed for the LONG TAWSE!

WOW! Slow spanks, that is with a pause in between for me to settle down, as each spank elicited an ARGGG!, and an involuntary leg kick, or even both legs jerking upwards at the knee. Cindy paused  after many spanks, and said : that is fifteen! I replied 17, which was very foolish. "Oh, so you were counting! Let's make it 20!

Cindy knows I use counting to lessen the effect of the spanking, and I try to avoid it. When Cindy stopped at 20, I had a couple of tears in both eyes.

Now the cane that our friend Ronnie so nicely sent us. This was another 20 strokes, somewhat faster, and fortunately not a strong.

My bottom was on fire when I finally was permitted to stand, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking.
Obviously, we will need to do a weigh-in daily, with a reckoning every three or four days. I no longer exercise the way I used to, with running full speed while officiating. Walking just does not use up many calories for me. I am using weights daily, and will try to be more active.  (Beside feet dancing when spanked)
 photos cannot begin to express the intensity that permeates a bottom. They do show how the tawse dives deep when spanking only one cheek, but I am now realizing that the supple leather probably just bends forcing it's way inward.
PS: I did try rubbing my bottom a little, but the sting and soreness remained just as strong.
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rubbing a spanked bottom

I have never rubbed my spanked bottom after being spanked!  Here are a series of questions you might consider answering.

Have you ever rubbed your bottom immediately after being spanked?

Does it help relieve the soreness by loosening up the tightness in your bottom, caused by quenching  and squeezing.

Does your partner permit you to rub?

Does your partner smile with satisfaction if you are rubbing and holding your bottom?

your thoughts......

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the wooden Spoon

Have you ever been spanked with a wooden spoon...

This happens to me in the kitchen (or our wooden food stirrer) for short quick on the spot spankings in the kitchen, mainly in the morning. The spankings do eliminate any grumpiness, if I was grumpy at the time.

I must admit that if the spanking lasts for a while, then I am starting to dance like this woman
 however, it can be used in any room, and really causes spankees to squirm and squeal.

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caned while on vacation

Well, in looking back, we had both a wonderful vacation, and lots of spankings. One was that I was caned one night, for some reason that I do NOT remember.

Ronnie's canes are very effective, so I brought one along for the vacation. The advantage of a cane is that it is silent, and the only noise is if I verbally or gutturally make a lot of noise while being caned.

Our next port of callt heenxt day was St. Martin, and avisit to the nude beach at Orient bay.
The photo does not show many marks, but if you were up close, you could see some red lines on the top of my bottom.

I was not afraid to show them, and wondered if someone would remark and thus spark a conversation about spanking.

The beach was basically  empty as to normal years, as the entire resort (Club Orient) was totally destroyed by the hurricane.

They did have some chairs and umbrellas to rent, and we felt we were adding a little to their fortunes by taking a taxi to and from the beach, and renting equipment. In the port, we bought some souvenirs, and hot sauces for cooking.
In 21 days of cruising, I might have spanked at least five or more times.
 oh well
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weight control spanking being instituted

As many people do, I have eaten too much while on a  cruise ship  for 21 days. Cindy has decided, with my agreement, that I have to lose weight, and spankings will be a part of getting me to some new goals.

Actually, Cindy explained this to me, while I was over her knee, and my bottom being peppered with the short tawse, EVERYWHERE on my bottom, with  lots  of enthusiasm given to each spank..

This happened the first day home (Saturday), and we will have a weigh in every Tuesday.

Remember that you always gain weight when flying, and with all the salt and sugar in the food onboard, the weight is abnormally high.

However, mine is too high, and I want it lower.

The spanking: well the far cheek when spanked has some significant wrapping, and when the near cheek is spanked OTK, the devilish tips dive into the crack between your cheeks.

A few tears were created in one eye before this spanking ended. This was on top of Valentines Day three spankings (on the Wednesday, and the strong tawse spanking for rudeness on Thursday, so Saturday had a very tender bottom that was spanked)

I imagine I will be spanked every Tuesday, until my weight is below 180, and continue until I get to 175. My height is 5' 10", or at least it used to be (5' 9.75" now). Sadly, I carry a lot of the weight in my stomach.

Cindy's spankings are now extremely effective, and I bounce around on her lap and gyrate, to no effect whatsoever, except for Cindy in a very amused tone saying your feet are showing your appreciation of my efforts. (they dance incessantly)

I will keep you updated on my progress, but will not mention my actual weight now (it is below 185)
I believe I can lose weight

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14 MILLION page views and counting

I still have fun writing this blog! Sometimes there are little droughts of enthusiasm, but they are momentary and fleeting.

It appears that many other people enjoy browsing the topic, enhanced by spanking photos and humor.  The number of visits is more than 6.5 MILLION.

Thanks to everyone who drops by, and SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO LEAVES A COMMENT!

Reading about the lifestyle, as practiced by Cindy and I, and many other bloggers, may give some readers the courage to explain their feelings to their partner.

We started after I found the Aunt Kay's disciplinary wives club   http://auntkaysdwc.com/

Cindy is no longer reluctant to spank me, and this has been a wonderful aaddition to our love affair, that has lasted over 46 years.
this could be your lifestyle, as I am very used to being spanked

Keep dropping by, I truly appreciate it

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viewing your fate

Just like their is the almighty finger, there is also another silent method of showing you what awaits.
As you descend the stairs, you see your wife is waiting for you
 She might have called you to come help her in the kitchen for a moment
 or she might have walked into the room you were in looking upset
or she might walk into the room with a determined demeanor
but, ideally, having decided how to handle the situation, she should be already HAPPY and SMILING
rest assured, you will no longer saying this next caption
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