spankings! Day 3 of the 12 spanks of Christmas

Okay, if Cindy reads this...YIKES!
Cindy was in a grumpy mood, in my opinion, and shortly thereafter when in the kitchen for breakfast, I was bare bottomed feeling an intense spanking with the food stirrer.  I was on my tippy toes by the time it ended. Yes, I thanked her for my spanking, and all was well.

Later that morning, while sitting together, Cindy happily stated: "well, we should get back to those twelve spanking days of Christmas. What are we, on day 4?" I replied that we had only done two days, and she stated.. oh, Day three, that means TEN MORE DAYS OF SPANKINGS!. Maybe we should do Day three and Day four today, as it has been so long since your last spanking.

Would you like that spanking now, or later? How is your back and are you busy? It was decided a little later in the day.

Laster that morning, it was a trip to the bedroom for day 3 of the spankings. As many days had elapsed since the last one, it was decided that this should be more effective in catching my attention, as my bottom was quite fresh, with no lingering previous days spankings.
Cindy on the spanking chair, wearing high heels to raise her legs, and me, bare bottomed, awaiting the caress of 12 spanks with the wooden bath brush. 
Each one was very solid and effective.
Next, over two pillows on the bed, for 11 strong caresses slowly given by the long tawse, with feet jerking after each spank, and significant wrapping by the tawse.

Lastly, bending over the spanking chair (it has a high back), with hands on the seat of the chair. Ten strong cane strokes, many of which wrapped.
Result: a smiling Cindy, happy to give me the spankings that I had requested. My bottom was on fire, and a bright red. I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Later that afternoon, we made love, with a spectacular orgasm for each of us.

Day 4 will probably be today.

It is never too late to start if you and your partner are willing. The amount of day sin between depends solely on your schedule.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Having my share of spankings, reading what Cindy gave you I could almost feel each and every one. Sad to say I can't experience that this year have surgery coming up soon. Hmmm how about 12 days of spanking for the 4th of July.

ronnie said...

I think I may just have to email that first pic to Cindy. Only joking:)


Red said...

archedone: Best wishes for the upcoming surgery. You should do it at the 4th of July as a reward for being healthy. Once a year is quite sufficient for me.

Ronnie: I actually said this to Cindy , JOKINGLY, this morning, and it was grudgingly accepted, but not funny. We have a differing sense of humor. I think P would enjoy the joke.
bottoms up