Day Six of 12 spanks of Christmas

Sometimes I get flustered, and blurt out something I should not. Yesterday, was no exception, as Cindy was taking a while trying to find what she wanted on a menu, with the waitress waiting. It, in my humble opinion, would have been easy to explain what she wanted, and have the waitress show her where it was. 

The result: the next day we did Day 6 of the twelve spanks of Christmas, but each implement was used for 12 spanks (that's 72 spanks). Each was given strongly, as per our agreement. To begin however, I had to stand in the corner for about five minutes, facing the wall, to ponder my misbehavior, with my bare bottom on display. (phots shows a much nicer view of a woman, than if you saw me)

On day 5, Cindy had lamented she only had only 8 cane strokes io give, so We took another of Ronnie's Canes to be the first implement. This one is thicker, and was very effective. I was bare bottomed (obviously), and bent over a the waist, with my hands on the dresser for support, and my stomach muscles engaged. All were given close to each other, and WOW!!!

Next was over the knee, having first put Cindy's high heel shoes on her feet, to raise her knees. 
The leather heart shaped leather studded paddle, with the heart shaped hole in the middle, really makes the tip dance in between the cheeks.

With nary a rest, I had to hand Cindy the next implement that was resting on the floor beside me, the wooden bath brush. Obviously, I did not have this look of anger, but one more of submission.
There is a special emotion (hard to describe) of handing a implement to your spanker, with your bottom already on fire. (I will have to think about it to decide how to describe it... Do you have any suggestions on how to describe it?)

WOW, twelve hard spanks to the fattest part of my bottom cheeks, and now I was handing the short tawse while remaining over the knees. This bite strongly into my bottom, and into the butt crack occasionally. My feet were dancing throughout, and a tear or two had to be wiped away by me from one eye when handing one implement after another.

Now, it was quickly on to the bed, with two large pillows propping my bottom up for the next spanks.
We will be away for a month, so I am busy creating posts for every second day. One was watching the spank coming. I tried this with the long tawse, and I saw Cindy swinging with her arm bent at a 90 degree angle, her hand beside her ear, with the tawse handing down her back. Thus, it came with massive force, and I was bouncing and feet dancing.
I stopped looking after two spanks, just so I could savor the smallest of respites without seeing the impending spank.
Lastly, it was Ronnie's Teacher cane, with me on my knees upright on the chair, so that Cindy had all of my bottom to cane wherever she wanted.

My bottom was truly on fire when we finished, and is very sore today, the day after the spanking. 

We cuddled for quite some time, and then made very passionate love.

I am fortunate that I have not had two days in a row, except at the beginning, but that might not continue.

We have a standing lamp in the bedroom, and the implements with a leather loop on them hang in prominent display. The teacher's cane hangs on it's own accord because of its shape, and the bath brush rests on the spanking chair.

I can truly hear Cindy's words:
Most photos are of women, because they look nicer than any men I find in most spanking websites.
bottoms up


Fondles said...

sounds like a memorable spanking. and that is a totally cute pic!

ronnie said...

WOW Red. Happy to see Cindy using the canes to great effect.


Anonymous said...

I mentioned to Robyn a 12 days of Christmas spanking and how it went. She said it sounded interesting, but the problem being Christmas is past. But it sounds like something you would love and a very, very sore bottom. I told her it would be interesting to try then suggested we could do something like that for the 4th of July starting 12 days before the 4th with the final one on the 4th and a spanking that would set off fire works on my bottom. She said let me think about it, but it does sound fun.
now I can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is next month. Are there any Spanking Days associated to that?


Anonymous said...

Since J. follows this blog (and often comments on the posts), I hope she will not take your hint about Valentine's Day! As for archedone's suggestion of a 4th of July "celebration", I fear that it may come to pass, as we will probably, around that time, be visiting with B. (my sister-in-law) at her place in Burgundy... I can imagine their wanting to 'celebrate' the days between the 4th and the 14th of July (Bastille Day!) in the same way they did for the Dec.25 to Jan.6 "twelve days of Christmas" sequence...

Anonymous said...

L. - My apologies for any sore feelings my suggestion may cause....


Red said...

Fondles: it was, and you are my friend, so.....
Ronnie: thanks, I think..
archedone: it could be a fun idea... no need for everyday, it could start the month before and simply every few days another spanking is given.. good luck
Matt: sounds great, let us know if you try it. (once a year is currently enough for me)
L: so much fin to look forward to... (maybe0
Matt: J has a min d of her own, so no worries. She will decide exactly whatever she wants to do.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Matt: No need to apologize :-) L. has been spanked a couple of times on Valentine's Day (for having forgotten to notice it) and I am sure he won't forget it this year... We haven't yet decided on the dates when we will be visiting B. - but, whether or not they coincide with the 4th-14th July sequence, he knows what to expect...

Red said...

July will be hot in many ways
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

B. and I will certainly see to that!