Day four of spanking .... yikes

Cindy is very happy when she has finished spanking me. It seems to relieve much of the stress of everyday life, and she smilingly always states: This is what you wanted isn't it!" I sometimes wonder!

Today, Cindy really, REALLY upped the ante so to speak....
First, bare bottomed, over the knee, with Cindy sitting in the spanking chair, and wearing her leather high heels to raise her legs. Clothing normal, as this was just day four spanking, in between making dinner, and eating it.

The short tawse was first, for twelve significant spanks, causing my feet to be jerking.
Next was the wooden bath brush, where after six really sound spanks, I was asked what was the lesson I was to remember from yesterday. After a short pause, I was able to remember that it was:
" I need to exercise daily" Did I was the question, and I responded that I used weights last night, while watching football. Good

Six more sharp wallops, and , oops, maybe I should only have done five. I responded that she can do more with any implement if she so chooses, before moving on to the next implement.

I was permitted to rise, and wiped a touch of wetness from one eye. Cindy remarked: Is that tears? I said no, just a little moisture, but I am certain that you could cause tears, and I would be fine with that. Cindy smiled.

and then...
over pillows on the bed for the long tawse... and almost every spank landed on the top of the back of my legs, or further down. I do not think I have ever been spanked there before. WOW! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  Lots of feet dancing.

Lastly, kneeling on the spanking chair, for nine strong strokes of the cane, that reddened the top of my bottom, and some of which wrapped significantly.
As I write this, my bottom is quite on fire.

As we have no visitors coming, the two tawses, and the cane, are hanging from the floor lamp on display, and the bath brush is on the counter in the bath room.

It is doubtful that even if someone dropped by, they would not be invited into our upstairs bedroom, and the bathroom that is accessible only by this bedroom.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Today's lesson to remember is that I should ask more questions from people I am talking to, and talk less.

My bottom was a fire engine red, from middle of the legs above my knees, to the top of my bottom.

No phots, as windows ten captures so much and stores it is photos, that randomly appear on the screen when not in use.

This twelve days of Christmas has Cindy making EVERY SPANK HARD, and wow is she learning to be a significant no nonsense spanker.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

"This twelve days of Christmas has Cindy making EVERY SPANK HARD, and wow is she learning to be a significant no nonsense spanker."

And what a blessing it is!


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming!

Best wishes,


Joe said...

Sounds like a great 12 days for both of you. You are a lucky man Red.

Anonymous said...

Our "12-days" series ended, as it should, on Saturday, Jan.6 - and not a day too soon! The usual 'recap', with J. and B. each applying each of the twelve installments in reverse order definitely left a lasting impression! B. will be flying home tomorrow (perhaps after delivering a "farewell" spanking) but I know what I can expect when the three of us meet again next Summer...

Red said...

yorkie: very true
Marco: agreed
Joe: very lucky
L: glad you survived
bottoms up