The first thing Cindy stated to be when I came in the kitchen in the morning for breakfast was that she was " mad at me".
This is not how to start the morning, as I am always very sleepy, and the greetings are always pleasant with a kiss and I love you greetings to each other.

The reason was explained afterwards, and relates to financial matters, and my bad behavior a previous time. In essence, as we age, I realized, and others should take note, that a joint credit card where the card in my name, and a card for my spouse, only builds a credit rating for me. If I suddenly died, she would have ZERO CREDIT RATING. We have changed this, and Cindy has her own credit cards in her name. However, we had a difficulty with a password, my thinking being in error, and now Cindy was frustrated because she could not get into the credit card online to check her balance.

MORALE of the story: do you both have an individual credit rating?

Result was my helping Cindy get into her account, and her changing the password to something she will remember.

We were going out for the day, so just before going Cindy stated to get that leather tawse, the little one I like. We were already late, so I suggested the long tawse would be quicker for her, IF SHE WANTED, as no need to get out her spanking shoes, setting up the chair, etc....

Agreed. Long tawse, bent over the waist and a few strong spanks, without pause, had me moving and yelping.

Cindy paused and stated " I guess you haven't kept count?" to which I immediately stated five! Cindy was pleased, as she knows that counting helps me endure the spanking, and also shows that the spanks must be very effective, which they were.

well, five more and then we must go.

Five slow hard spanks with the long tawse. (and only two days after the switching)

Cindy was quite pleased with my red bottom, and the problem was solved.

The remainder of the day was very wonderful

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Little Kid picture, should be removed. This sight does not believe in spanking children, and I don't wish to see such on this blog. Sorry.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, oh dear. I think this might apply to me too :(
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

I've definitely learned not to ask that question as yes, people truly do take it as a challenge. The kiddo in the cart with road rage totally cracked me up. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Love the grocery cart. One must be careful what we say around little ones. They can be like parrots and repeat what they hear.

Merryslave said...

I love the tawse.
I HATE the tawse
Truly mixed emotions

Red said...

anon; I thought he was older, but to be safe, it was removed. Thanks
Jan: if it happens, then we both imagine the response will be similar.
Cat: sadly, they seem to be quite common.
archedone: very true
Merryslave: mine exactly, but definitely effective.
bottoms up