Day Two of the twelve days of Christmas

Busy, busy, busy, and family visiting, so no time until today....
The choice for today, because too many day shad passed, was the long tawse for 12, and the teacher's flexible cane for 11.

Bottoms up, with my midsection on top of three pillows to make a very prominent target.
 (not my bottom)

Each stroke of the long tawse had my feet jumping and jerking, with a pause between each stroke for my feet to settle down, and my bottom to pause it's gyrations and clenching.

I experimented by looking back with one eye at the arm motion, but stopped doing this after two strokes. Unless you have your head completely to one side, it was not possible. In addition, looking forward and downward, you can still sense the movement as the tawse swings towards your bottom.

Wow! Those twelve strokes were intense.

"Now, we should use this wonderful cane that your friend Ronnie sent to us...."

This wonderful (??) cane is very whippy, and it had me yelping and feet jerking with each stroke. Only eleven this time, but one more for good luck...

(Not Cindy, but the cane does flex like this)
Thus, this is being typed on a very hot and red bottom! Hopefully both of us are more rested for the upcoming festivities of New Year.
( a woman's bottom nicely spanked)
Anyone else had any Christmas time spankings.

bottoms up


Dan said...

Why yes besides my weekly maintenance spankings I had two disciplinary spankings and one warning spanking before we attended a Christmas party between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Joe said...

Happy spankings Red sounds like it was a good one.

Baxter said...

the holidays tend to bring on a range of emotions and we should all be spanked like that young lady above. I know I deserve it and will ask this weekend, if my wife doesn't start it first.

Anonymous said...

I've never felt a cane on my bottom, but the way you described it I can almost feel the cane landing and the intense sting it would deliver and I do understand your feel jerking. Sad to say no spankings for the past week in this house too much company. I'm sure Robyn will make up for it after they leave.

Fondles said...

to be honest, i totally forgot about the Christmas spankings. but I did get a wonderfully warm bottom on Wednesday as well as friday - with a new crop too! It Hurt. We definitely did more than just 12 or 11, so I guess all in all I'd say we'll probably end up with the same number of strokes as if we HAD gone with the 12 spanks of Christmas program. Hope you have a happy new year.

ronnie said...

I'm loving how Cindy uses the cane. Happy Spankings.

Wishing you both a wonderful 2018 with health and happiness.


Red said...

Apologies of not replying to these sooner.
Dan; great way to celebrate the holidays
Joe; it was
Baxter: hope you have received a few spankings since you wrote this
archeodone; I am certain the company is all gone and you h;ave been spanked, hopefully a few times.
Fondles: Happy New Year to you, and many spankings in the future.
Ronnie: Best wishes to you also, and yes, Cindy is learning how to be effective with your canes.
bottoms up