Day one of the 12 spanks of Christmas

I still have a cold, and probably due to the change in temperatures from the Dominican Republic and being at home. However, it is lessening, so, with my encouragement, we have started our version of the 12 spanks of Christmas

Day One: the very whippy school teacher style cane from Ronnie's selection of canes.
Crook Handled Cane £12
Long time school deterrent before corporal punishment was outlawed. The naughtiest girl ot boy would tremble at the very mention of it. Hang it behind your desk or tape it underneath as my husband does.

75cm x 7-8mm thick, sanded to smooth edges and nodes, lightly fed with linseed to help maintain flexibility and reduce flaking

CINDY loves how it waves, as just moving your wrist has it bouncing back and forth in a whippy fashion.

Cindy had me setup on the bed, bare bottomed, with my bottom raised, as two pillows were used to raise the target, so to speak.

Two cane strokes, just to get the feel of the implement, stated Cindy.

Six quick whippy spanks had me gyrating somewhat, and Cindy commented how effective this was, and leaving such nice red marks.

A short pause to admire her work, then six reasonably quick strokes had the count had the total at 14.

oops! Well just two more and then we will be finished. Two really stronger spanks had me owwing with each stroke.

Cindy was pleased with her efforts, and I was permitted to rise, and I thanked her for the spanking.

Soon thereafter, we were cuddling, kissing, and making love, with screaming orgasms for each of us.

Looking at my bottom, there were many nice red stripes, and they reappeared after my shower today....
While writing this, my bottom is still warm and sore, and that was only day 1. A really bad choice of a whippy cane, that will visit my bottom for another 11 days.

As a Christmas present, I thought you would enjoy seeing stripes similar to mine, but on a far more attractive bottom.

here is a cute video for the time of year, and everyday beyond Christmas

one for all those spanked women friends
yes, if you want to be spanked

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That is a very good video! I also like the picture of the lady with the tree up her arse!


Baxter said...

the video was good.

ronnie said...

You will need a few soft cushions at the end of your 12 days:)Thanks for the mention. Happy that Cindy puts it to good use.

Wishing you and Cindy a very Merry Christmas.


Red said...

yorkie and baxter: glad you liked it
Ronnie: Thanks, I think. Due to chest infection, the days are on hold. Merry Christmas ot you and P
bottoms up