Thoughts for New Year's Eve

Practice eye contact. It helps when you meet a new woman.....
My thought is that Next year’s going to be good...

I asked this young woman at my gym what her New Year’s resolution was going to be.

She said “Fuck You”.

So I’m pretty excited and optimistic about the upcoming Year!

Remember to be kind to family and friends
If you are traveling, some people have an advantage on not being bumped
Always be ready to improvise

 and a interesting thought

 let Santa pay
 and lastly
 Always say thank you after your spanking... your partner will appreciate it
 be wary of Santa still strolling the streets after Christmas
bottoms up


solutions to Christmas misbehavior

Life is so easy to solve a problem with your spouse......
the above is from https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Spanked_by_their_Wives/info
But, possibly, your wife is a little reluctant to spank you effectively... here is the solution
 She will not be bothered by your gyrations and owwws, or even your tears
If your wife watches, she will even begin to smile
and even quite happily inform you of how she is enjoying seeing you spanked for bad behavior, and how effective it is being in changing your behavior for the good

Wives should try the above method, either themselves , or with the help of an experienced friend or professional.

but men,
and you will be much happier after being spanked (albeit eventually)

bottoms up


Day Two of the twelve days of Christmas

Busy, busy, busy, and family visiting, so no time until today....
The choice for today, because too many day shad passed, was the long tawse for 12, and the teacher's flexible cane for 11.

Bottoms up, with my midsection on top of three pillows to make a very prominent target.
 (not my bottom)

Each stroke of the long tawse had my feet jumping and jerking, with a pause between each stroke for my feet to settle down, and my bottom to pause it's gyrations and clenching.

I experimented by looking back with one eye at the arm motion, but stopped doing this after two strokes. Unless you have your head completely to one side, it was not possible. In addition, looking forward and downward, you can still sense the movement as the tawse swings towards your bottom.

Wow! Those twelve strokes were intense.

"Now, we should use this wonderful cane that your friend Ronnie sent to us...."

This wonderful (??) cane is very whippy, and it had me yelping and feet jerking with each stroke. Only eleven this time, but one more for good luck...

(Not Cindy, but the cane does flex like this)
Thus, this is being typed on a very hot and red bottom! Hopefully both of us are more rested for the upcoming festivities of New Year.
( a woman's bottom nicely spanked)
Anyone else had any Christmas time spankings.

bottoms up


fun thoughts

Some days, this is how it goes

but, having forgotten to do some important things
Just a reminder for everyone

 but happy afterwards

and not worried if someone sees her spanked bottom

bottoms up


Merry Christmas

I hope you are spending the day with family and friends, and are only tuning in a few days later.
Whether you are relaxing in the warmth
or have built a snowman and nice and warm inside
 I hope Santa did not have an unexpected accident and has delivered all his presents to everyone
 This might be a beautiful switch to light a fire on your bottom

 Play toys for those long winter nights
 Instead of roasting chestnuts, maybe your bottom might enjoy being roasted
and see if it is as bright as the Christmas lights on your tree
Bettie Paige from so very long ago... (my youth)

 and how times have changed
Merry Christmas.

Red and Cindy
PS: this blog will take a rest until next year!


t'was the night before Christmas

Pleasant dreams
 Have a cup of hot cocoa
 admire the sky
 and remember, ALWAYS

  Hopefully your wife will say this to you..
 Santa's elves have been hard a twork
and if you still need a present for that special someone...
Bottoms up