thought for the day

Whether male or female, if you are reading this blog...
as for me,
 if she read this post, her answer might be this
or this
 now, do you still think that was amusing
is this possibly changing your mind
well, she is satisfied with her work
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, nice post, loved that first one!
love Jan, xx

Merryslave said...

Pic #8: got THAT right

NightlySun said...

A great place to start my day.

Baxter said...

Everyone's definition of normal is different. As to what they think about, I have come to know I don't really want to know. However, I do think about spanking a bit, ok, quite a bit, especially when walking to/from the office and all these women are ahead of me with their sexy bottoms.

Fondles said...

loving that first pic!

Red said...

Jan; the first one is one I wonder about
merryslave: somedays that is true
Nightly sun: glad you enjoy dropping by
Baxter: naughty naughty.... you should inform your partner and accept the spanking you are given for such thoughts
Fondles: thought you might like it.
my answer is : Define NORMAL"

bottoms up