this will worry a man

When you walk into your house, and your wife is there waiting for you....
whether she is siting
or perched on the end of a table
 Your fate is sealed
and a long tawse used to spank you is a very daunting spanking. I know from experience.

bottoms up



Tomy Nash said...

Yesterday I got negligent and left the gas stove on in the kitchen for a few hours. I discovered it and turned it off. Kay does not know about it.

This is probably her biggest hot button. I caused a fire before by forgetting something similar. I should probably tell her what happened. But I don't want to and I am not sure I absolutely have to.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to tell Kay for a couple of reasons. First, I think not telling her will eat away at you with respect to the very intimate trust you have with Kay. Second, this is a behavior that you really need to correct. Hot Buns might remind you about the Hot Stove.

As for the stove, I'm betting you left a pot on the lit burner. Or you left the kitchen and didn't return for a few hours. I would suggest always moving the pot, kettle, etc. off of the heated burner when you're done. Then you see the lit burner - flames - and realize you need to turn it off before doing anything else.

All the best and let us know how things turn out.


Tomy Nash said...

Thanks Matt....I think you are correct.

What I left on the stove was a heavy cast iron pan. I had intended to let it "cure" the fresh oil I had wiped around in it after cleaning... BIG heavy pan obstructed view of burner. Still, I will follow your advice about always moving the pots off the burner I used.

Oh you just KNOW how things are going to turn out!

Dan said...

Yes you should confess to your wife what you did. I get a maintenance spanking every Friday and at that time I also am given the chance to confess anything I did that my wife doesn't know about. Yes I get extra for my confession but it's worth it clearing my conscious.

Anonymous said...

Only had her waiting for me once. I stopped for a drink after work with some co-workers. Got home an hour late...It was her birthday and we had reservations. She had a wooden spoon in her hand and all she said was strip and bend over. I bent over the sofa arm rest and got a spanking I'll never forget. We then went out for diner and I had one very sore bottom.

Tomy Nash said...

I told her last night as we were going to bed. So I am sure we will have a "conversation" about it today.

Oh well. It's going to be a day of heavy rain and the pleasures of a warm dry home. Very cozy - and we will be completely undisturbed.

Red said...

Tomy:the recommendations given by Matt, and Dan are what I would have said. Thanks Matt and Dan for replying, as I permitted others to respond before responding myself. you might like to describe the spanking you received, sending it to me privately, so that I can publicize, but you could equally well post on your blog. I have had one reader post so many fantasies, that I am happy and looking for real postings about actual spankings

archedone; a well deserved spanking, that should be memorable, and make you more aware. I am certain that is one you would not forget.
bottoms up