switch time

The weather was beautiful two days ago, so we went for a hike in the woods and along a trail. We came to a very nice stone seat that I thought would be perfect to have a little fun with.

I suggested I spank Cindy a little, but she thought someone might come along. I was able to assure her we had a long clear sightline, so we could stop immediately if needed. The persuading argument was that she once decided to give me a blowjob on a trail and bench like this, and someone did come along, but stopped and talked loudly from around a corner of trees.
Five nice spanks later Cindy stated enough.

As we walked along, Cindy remarked that it was too bad we couldn't find a switch. Obviously, I looked and was able to break off a stem of a branch, and then taking off the twigs growing from it. Cindy was very pleased.

She swung it back and firth as we walked, and then decided this would be a good place to use it. Just as open as before, but now I would be the one being spanked, and on a  bare bottom. This switch was like a thick cane, but swishy, and it also wrapped on my far cheek.

Bent at the waist, hands on my knees, many many spanks were given, and I was bouncing about after a number of spanks. Cindy went both high and low, and all parts in between. I raised myself up somewhat to change where the switch was landing, only to end up giving her a larger area to continue spanking.
This was a very effective spanking. When Cindy stated okay, you can stand up now, I slowly rose and started pulling up my underwear and pants. Cindy stated: You forgot to say something. OOPS! Sorry, than you for the spanking. The look however, meant I again bared my bottom and bent over for a number of more spanks, and when permitted to rise, I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

We continued our walk, and Cindy had fun swinging the switch around. we later stopped off the trail up on a high point, and a few more choice spanks were delivered to my bare bottom. We left the switch there, and not more than 30 seconds later a couple came along the route and climbed to where we had been. I wonder if they used the switch.

Later that afternoon when we arrived at our home, the love making was simply an OUTSTANDING ORGASM for each of us.

Spankings and sex are a wonderful combination to enhance our love for each other.

bottoms up


Merryslave said...

I love the last meme, I have the same power.
The one above it, with pandas, perfectly describes our sweet pit bull.
Switching, bring switched? Never had opportunity to gather any, but it's high on my list of things for Merry to try out on my bottom.

an English Rose said...

Nice post Red, glad you and Cindy are having fun
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...


There’s nothing like a good switching on the trail, with a freshly selected implement. In our area the wild plum trees grow marvelous shoots that are perfect for this purpose. Usually I am instructed to bring One home, but occasionally I am whipped outside. What a treat.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to learn that you have discovered the thrill of an open-air switching, which has been a frequent feature of our hikes in the woods - whether with N. or J. "officiating" - not only near our home, but also in several overseas locations while on vacation. The season for this sort of "activity" is probably over for us, but I am still expected to bring home a regular supply of switches... for indoors use!
ps: I like the first four pictures -each one of which shows a scene I have experienced ... especially # 4!

Cat said...

Happy you and Cindy had such a lovely time, Red. Oh and I have that same super power! :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

PIx # 4 reminds me of the time J. gave me a serious switching on the hilltop orientation table of a small village in Burgundy - but # 3 shows the way I was actually whipped in Austria by my (then) Swedish girlfriend... before I married N.

Fondles said...

Heh. Bikss says that aint never gonna happen over on our end. Well, not on HIS end anyway.

Red said...

Merry: switches are so easy to find on any walk in the woods. Get started, the walk will be good for your health, the switching.. maybe not so good.
Jan: always try to have fun.
Rosco: glad to hear you have enjoyed(?) a good switching.
Cat: thanks, and that superpower is quite amazing
L:fond memories
Fondles: as much as I agree, he needs to experience it once, and you will be rewarded for your efforts by many spankings in the next weeks. a win win
bottoms up