Say it out loud

I would, if Cindy asked!
 Actually, I probably have stated it many times
One would not bare your bottom to be spanked, or tawsed, or caned, if you were not a submissive!  this photo states it all


However, their are degrees of being submissive, as yesterday's post showed.

How submissive are you, to your partner's fantasies becoming reality?

bottoms up



Dan said...

I never said it out loud. I would if my wife wanted me to. I don't really have to say I'm submissive because being bent over my wife's knee getting spanked shows my submissiveness to her.

Anonymous said...

This is a strange question. If you have a spanking relationship to a degree one has to be submissive and one dominate. the submissive agrees to accept the spanking be it punishment or maintenance. Even if both are spanked the dominate one becomes the submissive.

Cat said...

Beautiful post, Red. Love the submissive poem and the fun giggle.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Dan: very true
archedone: very true
Cat; glad you liked the poem

The idea of having to say it out loud, maybe without being spanked, just before going out, or having a get together with friends, reaffirms your situation without the need to be spanked
bottoms up