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The follow-up to the letter I sent, which you read yesterday, was a strong real spanking that same day.

Cindy decided that we would make love, but first I was going to be spanked. Cindy took a freshen up quick bath, and then dried off. I waited in the bedroom.

Cindy came out of the bath, sat on the spanking chair, and requested that I bring her something leather.

This responsibility helps promote your being submissive:
  • you have to choose the implement you will be spanked with
  • knowing that your spanker is sitting on a chair, it must be something that can be effectively administered with you over her knee
  • if you choose something gentle, you may anger the spanker, by displaying a feeling that this is not something you should be spanked for. (that is never your decision)
  • If you choose the harshest implement to meet the request, you are accepting that you can be spanked as strongly as the spanker desires.
I retrieved the short tawse!.
"Take all your clothes  off, except your tee-shirt, as I do NOT want you to be cold!"

bottoms up, over the knee, and the spanks rained down with intensity and force. It must have been three weeks or more from my last real, prolonged spanking, and my feet jerked with the first spank, and never stopped dancing.

Rapid spanks, all to one cheek, then the other, then both then the back of the legs, and I was singing a sad tune of owws and yipes.....
the one cheek spanking either wraps a bit one the far cheek, or DELVES strongly into the crack between the cheeks. The two tips are extremely effective everywhere, but specially there. I know that I was moving on her knees, as I tried involuntarily to move upwards away from the spanks that had rained down on the top of my bottom (a fine less padded area which is safe to be spanked with leather) as now the spanks were landing on the crack between bottom and upper legs, and also on the backs of the upper legs.

A pause, for me to be adjusted and not have too much pressure n my arms, and to give Cindy a breather, and time to lecture with my complete attention.   Lecture ended, and the pause ended immediately for many more really hard spanks. I briefly cursed to myself of why I ever bought this tawse, but the thought was fleeting, as little thinking occurs while you are being spanked. Now I was definitely squirming, something I do NOT ever remember having done on her lap.
I now understand why you see some photos of a man's legs trapped between a woman's legs...
Squirming, simply trying to stay on her lap and avoid the next spank, which as everyone knows is unavoidable.

My eyes were moist when Cindy stopped, and stated I could get up...

and before I could even thank Cindy for the spanking, she stated: "Now get me one of those canes your friend Ronnie sent to you!" My reaction of shock must have amused Cindy, as I went to retrieve the cane...

I chose the swishy long teacher type cane( with rounded handle) you see in spanking cartoons, and handed it to Cindy.

"Put some pillows on the bed, and position yourself for me.."

Two pillows to raise my bottom, and then many RAPID short cane strokes peppered my bottom from top to bottom, and back again. Many strokes later, I was informed that my spanking was finished, and I could get up.

I did so, and immediately thanked Cindy for spanking me.
After looking at my bottom in the mirror ( a bright fierce red) we hugged, caressed, and slowly made love. Because of the intensity of the spanking, it took a short while for my erection (that is, a negligible amount of time, but not instantaneously  to make an appearance,

After awhile playing on the bed, Cindy had me sit on the spanking chair for intercourse, so I would be reminded of my spanked bottom (it was reminding me no matter what was happening) as she grinded me downwards, and rode me to an awesome climax.  We then moved back to the bed where I orally performed magic for her ear shattering orgasm.

This is being typed two days after the spanking, and my bottom is still quite tender (sore). I am much happier, and the  blues have been banished from mind, body, and soul, and I know that I will be spanked whenever needed.

bottoms up


Merryslave said...

Wonderful! I say, with a tinge of jealousy.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, somehow this post was bound to appear after the last one!hugs,
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...

Good for Cindy, she certainly knows how to take care of you. Happy Cindy is making use of those canes.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you requested and got the spanking that you needed and deserved. And that you serviced Cindy appropriately. Always important to do that as the submissive.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Merryslave on this one. I too am jealous.


Anonymous said...

1st let me say I agree with your choice of implement and how you felt getting it. 2nd let me say OMG after that she used the cane? And then you had sex? Let me say I've been spanked and had sex but nothing like what Cindy did to you. My hat is off to you Sir after a spanking like that no way would I have sex and to top it off Cindy had you sitting while she straddled you and with each downward movement you again felt the sting. For that move my hat is also off to Cindy way to go girl.

Cat said...

Happy you are in a better place now, Red. Oh I love the Dean Martin quote...he was so funny and an awesome singer. Cute Sesame Street cartoon...thanks for sharing

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I sympathize... The spanking I got last night was nowhere as strict, but who knows what J. may have in store for me tomorrow!...

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed our Sunday hike in the woods. :-) This may be the last one before the Spring... but I still expect you to keep me supplied with regular deliveries of switches I can pickle for indoors use!

Red said...

Merry: Wonderful afterwards, not during.
Jan: very true, thanks
Ronnie: those canes are very effective, and as she uses them with more strength, they will become truly formidable. (thank you for them, I GUESS I should say that
MATT: very true.
yorkie: just send a letter, if to much time evolves between spankings.
archedone; a fun time was had by all, but more by Cindy throughout, whereas mine was after the spanking.
Cat: I needed it, so yes, in a much better place now. Glad you like the humor
L: thanks, and very true.
J: sounds reasonable... but for the long winter, I suggest a couple of Ronnie's canes.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I have two very effective canes, but for generating heat I find the paddles or the strap more effective :-)