Red's turn to be spanked

We had been somewhat disagreeing on little things for a couple of days, and for one specific thing I thought Cindy should be spanked. Cindy apologized for this specific thing, however, she felt I should be spanked for a few reasons.

Somehow, recently, I dreamed up the following idea. Instead of spanking her, she should spank me significantly, and as she saw my reactions to a strong spanking, she would realize that she was the cause for this spanking. Thus, she would try her hardest not to repeat the problem, thus avoiding spanking me when I had done nothing wrong. (Pretty dumb idea now that I think about it). 

Later that day, Cindy stated she was quite tired, but will give me a quick spanking now to solve the problems.

I followed her up to the bedroom, where I asked what implement to retrieve, as I reached for  a cane, thinking it would be the most effective and easiest for her to use.  As I left the closet holding the cane, Cindy stated "bring me three implements". OOPS!

Leather, wooden, and that cane your friend sent you.

I retrieved the tawse (short), wooden bath brush, and the cane.

Cindy seated herself on the spanking chair, and I retrieved her high heeled leather shoes, that raise her legs high enough for me to be ??comfortably??? over her knees without falling off.

The short tawse was used slowly, strongly, and very effectively, with many spanks, alternating cheeks, then concentrating on the closest with  the DAMN tips delving deeply into my crack, then the far cheek with significant wrapping. I was reacting with owws and grunts, and some feet jerking, as the slow method allowed each spank to be fully felt, and a uncontrollable reaction on my part. the tawse was used both to the top of my bottom, and the top of my legs, and everywhere in-between. 

This photo is quite similar to what happened. Cindy had me keep my socks and tee-shirt on, so that I would not get cold. She was probably smiling as much as the lady in the picture!
That damn tawse wraps terribly!

A pause to check on my arms and shoulders that they were okay, and a little lecture as to why I was being spanked, and then Cindy reached down and picked up the bath brush. A rapid beginning, followed by slow effective spanks, specially to the lower part of my bottom. Cindy seemed to delight in my reactions, stating that it seems that I am getting the message.
Finally, I was permitted to rise, and bend over with my hands on the bed, while Cindy picked up the cane to finish the spanking. Many short quick spanks had me moving while staying in position. Many more quick spanks were given, before Cindy told me I could stand up and thank her.
This next photo shows my exact position, and that REAL CANE! (I do not look back, as I know more strokes are coming quickly.

I stood up, and thanked her for my spanking.

I did not have to stand in the corner, but was permitted to look in the mirror, and my bottom was even redder than this young woman.

My bottom was sore all day, and the next day when I was seated. Glad we have cushioned chairs, and that I am not informed to sit on one of the wooden chairs we have.

We made love the next day, and it was a mind blowing ecstasy  for both of us. We hug, cuddle, fondle, kiss, and then I kiss and suck Cindy's breasts, then many times she returns the favor, before orally bringing me to orgasm. We kiss and share my cum, and then I orally satisfy Cindy.

We are amazed at how wonderful our sex life is! Absolutely mind-blowing amazing.

bottoms up


Fondles said...

I hate the wooden ones. they hurt like anything. Glad that fun times were had the next day - you sound pleased! :)

Cat said...

Ummm Red...yea...I don't think that was one of your brighter ideas. Ya might want to consider renegotiating. Happy you did have a loving good time. Thanks for the cute cartoons.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Taking spanking for Cindy was not one of your best ideas but does get you spanked more often. Robyn like Cindy delivers rapid spanks and non ending stinging but I love the spanks where I'm allowed to feel the full sting before another is given. Like the cartoons.

Anonymous said...

"...I retrieved her high heeled leather shoes, that raise her legs high enough for me to be ??comfortably??? over her knees.."

Yes! That is so important for women who are not tall! I used to date a woman who was barely 5'2" who would like, on occasion, to fun-spank me otk. It felt so awkward, like I was always about to fall off her knees! Had to concentrate just to stay in position. A bummer. (Did I write that???) The solution - high heels! That worked!


Red said...

Fondles: Cindy spanks much more effectively, so wooden, or a cane, or the tawse are all VERY EFFECTIVE.
Cat: not one of my brightest moments, but then again, I like the thought of being spanked, if not the actual spanking.
archedone; each type have their merits, and as the spankee, we have no choice or say in how we are spanked.
A.J. no worries of falling off with the heels, so only have to worry how strong and long the spanking will be.
bottoms up