letting a friend know your spanking fetish adventurous tuesdays

Amazingly, and you can read about it HERE....

A dear friend Ronnie has told a friend about having a spanking blog. I imagine, though I do not know, that she also might have or will soon tell her the name of the blog.

Of course, it would not be any of the wonderful scenarios below... but delightful to know that one can come out from hiding a part of ourselves from a friend.

We have just booked a transatlantic cruise form Galveston to Barcelona in the spring on Royal Caribbean, so any spankos reading my blog on the same cruise should talk to me privately. Who knows what might develop. Who knows what the future entails
Alternatively, I have jokingly stated to my wife to invite a friend of hers whose husband has passed away a few years ago. If she did cruise with us, and then travel Europe for two weeks, I would tell her of my spanking fetish, so that she would not be surprised if she happened to knock on our door when I am being spanked.  I am not telling this to Cindy, because it is unlikely that the friend would book the same cruise, and also Cindy rarely reads my blog.

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Glenmore said...

I believe most of us spankos harbour a wish that our desire could be more openly shared with others.
Unfortunately there us still a stigma out there that perceives spanking as weird and perverted.
Perhaps sharing in some way with others may help remove that perception?

Cat said...

Really don't understand why people have to be so judgemental but then...it's their loss isn't it as all my friends here in blogland have happy relationships. Thanks for sharing the fun giggles, Red.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Sadly, I deleted when I meant to publish... the following
Fondles has left a new comment on your post "letting a friend know your spanking fetish adventu...":

I dont think i could ever tell a friend i was spanked! As it is mentioning that i enjoy gvg blowjobs has gotten me a ton of dirty looks. Enjoy the cruise!

Red said...

The Glenmore: very true, but very difficult to share.
Cat: very true, that the bloggers seem to be in a wonderful relationship
Fondles: please explain gvg. We have never shared anything about our sex and spanking life.
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Red said...

Fondles: GIVING... what a dummy I am sometimes.... Cindy loves giving me blowjobs, and I love orally bringing her to massive orgasm..
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