Letter (email) to Cindy

Hi sweetie;

I am very sorry for the argument at dinner last night, and you need to spank me for it...

We have gone away from you spanking me, and that has lead to needless arguments and upset, and in addition, permitting me to wallow in the blues.

Rest assured, as much as I crave being spanked, and need to be spanked often, I do NOT enjoy the actual spanking. Spankings work as a reminder of our wonderful love affair, and our enduring friendship.

Two things: 

I spank you too often, and a easy way of correcting it is to say: yes, I  , Cindy, need to be spanked for ... so bare your bottom and I will give you my spanking. You will feel a little sorry for me, but at the same time, the harder you spank will re-affirm to you the need to change this action that you had done, so as not to have to spank me again for this item. 

You need to spank me when everything is wonderful, simply to re-affirm that everything stay that way...

One site you might like to visit every week for ideas... and re-affirmation that I want YOU in control

The title is slightly off, but the statements every day, in association with the pictures is perfect for you to use to encourage yourself.

an example



kdpierre said...

Let us know what happens when she reads that.

an English Rose said...

love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I think you might be on to something Red. If I understand your letter you are asking Cindy to spank you when she deserves the spanking. I like that idea. Let us know how this works out.

Fondles said...

Interesting take on who needs to spank who. Let us know how it goes.

Joe said...

Hi Red this is great! Mind if I borrow it?

Merryslave said...

Hmm. Gives me ideas for a letter to Merry.

Red said...

KDpierre: should be obvious..
Jan: glad you approve, maybe an idea you should send to your hubby.
archedone, Fondles: we will see how it develops, and I will keep you informed.
Joe: go right ahead and borrow and adapt ..
Merry; let us know how it works out
bottoms up