Gretchen part 2

Further conversations...  with thoughts about being spanked, which I believe are very similar to many spankees, myself included.

Good morning Red,

very much for your friendly message 😊

Well, spanking - not only the pain - is quite essential for my life, for my emotional balance and simply: for my happiness. I am lucky enough that I have met - after many years of frustrating attempts - the perfect spanking partner who is not only the driving power behind my spankings but primarily my emotional rescue and (!) husband ... Hope you understand what I want to tell.

Anyway, I do enjoy it a lot - I get it usually twice a week - without a regular plan or so. Sometimes, it's quick and just the spanking. I have to spend my day with a stinging bum. And with more time and/or preparation, it is a sheer feast of spanking, love and exploding orgasms - it drives me mad and I'm loosing control of myself (at least for a while...).

Again, don't worry with 'permission' - If I allow (and foster it)
that my pix are floating around on the net, because it turns me on knowing that people get excited about then I won't argue about: Did you ask for permission? Please feel free to enhance your stories - I become proud if you like them.

No, I have no clue about the 'Lausboy' blog - it seems FM oriented, doesn't it?! My tumblr blog is called  http://lausberger.tumblr.com/ - it is 75% MF spanking / 15 % FM spanking / 10% SM related naughty nastiness - please don't count the shares if I am right ;-) Although my interests are more in the field of MF spanking (where I am the 'poor' trashed female rear) - I do like to watch male's asses get on fire accompanied with your kinky stories and writings.

I would be quite happy to provide you with European travel recommendations 

Again some more pix depicting the result of a spanking, all personal (some cute, some embarrassing) - I wish you a relaxed and wonderful weekend - cheers and baci

Gretchen's tumblr is  http://lausberger.tumblr.com/

Enjoy visiting her tumblr!

Aside: When you write to me, you can use your real name if you choose, BUT
Hi ....

I just need confirmation about posting using your name ...., when I publicize your tumblr..... I believe I should make a fictitious first name, ...

I will not post anything about the city or country... unless you say that is also okay. The problem I see is that using your real name  will remove your privacy, and people will know who you are.  

so, I intend to make a new name for you.

IS this okay....

Maybe you can suggest a false name I can use, that amuse you...

bottoms up

My friend,

just a quick answer - very much thx for your thoughtful hint! You know more than me ;-) 

Just call me Gretchen - the Austrian-German blonde girl as the archetype :) - I am from Europe - that should be sufficient.

Again - thx for your friendly suggestion


A beautifully well spanked bottom, and part of a just reward for the spanker and spankee.

bottoms up

Life is so much better than fantasy.



Anonymous said...

She sounds like a very playful happy spanked girl who loves to explore their kinky side.

Red said...

archedone; very true.. and we hope to meet in the next year or two, where she can play tour guide and have a glass of wine or dinner somewhere.
bottoms up