Danielle is spanking again

Not me this time, but here is a letter I thought you might like from John, Danielle's husband....

Hello Red,

The last couple of years, spanking was at a very low level in our relationship due to health issues. Now however Danielle took up spanking again and I had to write to you about it to avoid once again a fierce bottom warming.

She had told me again and again not to leave clothes and nightdress in the bathroom. In vain however till now.

I had to undress and wait nose in the corner.  (I always enjoy looking at women's bottoms, so I altered from showing a male in the corner... my artistic license to do whatever I please on this blog) 

Then she entered and found out I was doing others things. She was very annoyed and in no time I was over her knee bare bottom. Her knees were a bit lifted up by using a small foot bench.

For the spanking she used only her hand and a couple of implements.

One is her favorite. It's a kind of curved bath brush. (It's Bonnies from my bottom smarts favourite also). It came to our collection in a very strange way. I saw it on an internet page "Marketplace" where articles are on offer for the highest bidder.

My intention was to make a serious offer for this valuable instrument because it's very difficult to obtain in this country. Danielle however said: "Are you mad, make an offer of 5 Euro". Amazingly the owner accepted the offer for the set. It included a nailbrush and a kind of plateau for the soap. So that could be used too. Costs  of delivery were for us about 6 Euro's. However in the past the object did a marvelous job on my bare bottom as it did this time. The spanking was finished with the mahogany Valentine paddle. I even had some bruises after the session.

I had to write to you, to learn and enjoy. She is a bit annoyed I must say about visiting your blog and only being a lurker and not commenting. However my visits are only a fragment of what they used to be in the past. So I hope you won't blame me.  (Aside: no problem john, but I wish you would leave a occasional comment when you see something you like)

This day we had a cheque up in the Cancer centre in ...... They said everything was ok (no evidence of disease) Next year will be the last check-up because then it's five years after the last operation and the chance of a return is not much higher than when you look to someone who has never been ill.

Best wishes.

The best part of the email was that Danielle is still healthy!

However, it is also nice to know that she is back spanking John as needed.  Never known her to leave a bruise, so must have been an accident with John bouncing over her lap.

In addition, this means I had better be on my best behavior whenever we next visit.

thanks for writing John. Say hi to Danielle and give her our heartfelt best wishes and love.

bottoms up


Fondles said...

I enjoyed reading this. Also, always great to hear that someone is coming out tops over an illness!

Anonymous said...

John showed me your post Red, to let me know he fulfilled his task. I think he did a reasonable good job. I hope this bad habit is really over now.
I know, however, there will be different ones to deal with. And that keeps us going ;-)

The best,

Merryslave said...

That gif is from my absolute favorite otk video clip. I think it can be found on xhamster.

Cat said...

Fun post, Red...you're a good friend. Happy that Danielle has beaten the nasty disease. Oh that one of the road workers is hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that in John and Danielle's house health has improved. Now she has to get back into the "swing" of things and keep John's bottom "rosy" and make sure he picks up after himself.

Red said...

Fondles: I agree, although I enjoyed reading the post, I was thrilled that Danielle is getting a no cancer report.

Danielle: As I have written privately, it is great to hear your doctor's report card. John's report card seems like you will have to keep up the spankings until a general better result is daily occurring. Lucky for me that you are not grading my behavior, nor grading the topics on this blog. Smiling and hugs to you and John.

MerrySlave: glad you liked it

Cat: very happy for Danielle and John, and yes, it does seem like that is what the road workers do.

archedone: very true. After Danielle spanks John for real, I doubt he will be leaving anything out of place for quite some time
bottoms up