C is spanking her husband

No  need to use real names, but I will call these friends C(the Lady) and G (the husband)...

ASIDE: These folks has talked to me about using spanking in their relationship, and I helped encourage them to try it. They both agreed that each of them would be spanked for necessity and also for fun.

Obviously, if they have found my website, they already had a feeling that this might be something to try.   The exact thing happened with Danielle and John. john was originally the one who instituted spanking Danielle, but being a strong woman, she researched, found my SPANKEDHUBBY.BLOGSPOT.COM and in chatting via email, she very quickly asserted herself as the prime spanker in the family, and John being the one spanked.

thus: maybe you might like to read the last couple of chats with C (the woman) and myself.

letter one:
Thanks to Consensual Spanking my husband is in the corner for 15 minutes after a very serious spanking.  Red he was not taking care of his health and out with the boys watching the World Series and Monday night football.  After visiting his doctor one of the good friends called who is a RN there and told me his Cholesterol was high again and so was his sugar.  I always have him write down the results and bring them home so I can adjust and work with him.........WELL MR G wrote down number that did not jive with what I was told.
Now his fanny is as red as his face.....and I have him writing his correct number 500 times along with the sentence    I WILL NOT LIE TO MY WIFE AND THE BARE BOTTOM SPANKNIG I JUST GOT WAS FOR NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ......SHE CARES ABOUT ME.
He has till Friday morning to write this and when he does he is going to be grounded and spanked this weekend......If he wants to lie to me like a little boy he will pay.

my reply:
seems like you have things well under control. I have been out of town for a while, so only catching up on my email now.

With your permission, I will use this as a post, but remove both your name and G's.


my reply: great to know you have a method to deal with problems, instead of incessant arguing, and giving each other the cold shoulder. Much easier for the person at fault to be given a hot well spanked bottom to solve the problem

Letter three had this title and drawing  :


My Thoughts: 
Spankings work, not forever, but for a reasonable amount of time, before they need to be re-applied.
Love our lurkers is a great time to see other spanking sites that you might like, so go to Hermione's site to get a full list of reasonably SANE, spanking enthusiasts. (I say reasonably, because my blog is also on the list, and sometimes I wonder about myself... :)

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Isn't nice to know you helped corrupt someone? It just warms my heart whenever something like this happens. Good job, Red!

Anonymous said...

Great another couple found a way to settle disputes and also have some sexual fun, good job Red. On your last sign. I seen a commercial for mattresses and on the commercial someone is sky diving and doing a free fall, and he is wearing a helmet. My question is if the shut does not open what good does the helmet do?

Anonymous said...

Seems my wife told you that I got a spanking and it seems like I cannot get away with anything. The medical records are suppose to be confidential but how do I call the office and say HEY I JUST GOT A SPANKING AND CORNER TIME BECAUSE YOU GAVE OUT MY INFORMATION.....yes Red she had cause and when she does she spanks and seems to enjoy it more and more......I GOT A BARE BOTTOM SPANKING WITH HER DAD'S HAIRBRUSH AND CORNER TIME FOR THE 1ST TIME IN MY ADULT LIFE............G

Red said...

KDPierre: thank you. Yes, one purpose of this blog is to encourage individuals to talk to their partner about their fantasies, and seeing if they might be made real.
archedone: almost like the world war one helmets that aviators wore.... makes for a nicer body at the funeral.

G: glad you were spanked, and get with the program and look after yourself. I can imagine C thanking her friend, and slyly stating it got a spanking for not behaving properly. Glad I was able to help both you and C get with a spanking program to solve problems, and enhance love making.
bottoms up