adventurous tuesdays - same sex

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex, romantically?
Many men, myself included, find it erotic to watch two women kissing, and making love, as do a few/some/many women. (I have never known, as men will talk things freely  with their buddies, but women are never in the conversation, and it is difficult question to ask a group of women.. 
A interesting phrasing of an offer
The thought of Bettie and Veronica is fun 
a interesting idea...
Here, Veronica is taking the lead!
I imagine the danger of taking the first step is frightening
however, the outcome is predictable  if both parties are willing
Sometimes, one wishes they had known more earlier in life... such that in my case , I would have been submissive much earlier... and maybe, just maybe, I might have explored a same sex affair.

If you could go back in time, would you have explored a same sex affair?

All I can say is...
 If  this was your partners fantasy, would you agree
 would you agree if she just was with another woman
or would she agree if you were just with another man....

Would you agree if she wanted a threesome... with another man, or with another woman..

So many tumblrs,
so many thoughts!!!! 
Thoughts that were fantasy
but any and every imaginable situation can now be found on tumblr with pictures of real people.

We have never had a threesome, and have no plans to ever have a threesome.

any response from readers?

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I could write a book on this post. Why is it two women can dance together and no one thinks any thing about it. Just two women having a good time. Now take two men dancing and they must be lovers. We have also never had a three some and never will. Ask my wife about female on female sex and you will get an ear full. I also would never have sex with a man. In my thoughts most men love to see sex between two women there is something very sexy about that. Two men turn me off. Darn good post Red.

kdpierre said...

My experience has led me to believe in the Kinsey scales for just about everything, including proclivity. Everyone is 'somewhere' on that scale. Personally, while very open to many fetishes and kinks, I find myself to be hopelessly straight. About the only times I can manage to include a male in anything, is in specific fantasies where participation is 'forced' by a woman. Even then, I have found that it only works for me in fantasy. Once around a guy, I have no interest. As for your other question, I'm OK with multiple females.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Well, that is a very interesting question. I met my wife before I was able to engage in a lot of "experimentation." But, I've also always been open to trying pretty much anything once. So, had I been on my own longer, I don't doubt I would have tried same-sex at least once. Now, I used to feel slightly weird about that, until the infamous scene in the Bond movie Skyfall when Javier Bardem's character has Bond tied to a chair: "Ah, you're trying to remember your training now - what's the regulation for this? [rests his hands on Bond's legs.] Well, first time for everything, yes?
James Bond: [unmoved] What makes you think this is my first time?"


Red said...

archedone: glad you liked the post. Yes, I find it sexy having two women dance together, or look at tumblr posts about it, but not interested in 2 men.

kdpieere; ditto, asa forced fantasy, but no feeling whatsoever otherwise

Dan; I wish I had experimented more in my youth, but was too shy, and never was a part of any group.

Glad youliked the post
bottoms up

Red said...

another mysterious missing comment
FONDLES wrote:
hmmm i've had a threesome with 2 other women, when I was dating a girl back in uni. since then i've had a couple more relationships with women, altho majority of my r/ps have been with men.

We've talked about it a lot, but mostly it's BIKSS' fantasy not mine. I think HE has had a threesome with a best bud (guy ) and another girl, which he didn't think was terribly mindblowing, i don't think. Perhaps ffm would suit him better. :)

apologies for this disappearing . Red

Red said...

Fondles: thanks for sharing. It was a different society when I grew up, and living at home before being married, left little room for experimentation, which I now wish I had done. I have mentioned the fantasy to Cindy, but it just remains fantasy talk while making love... and who in hell would we really ever want to hook up with for a threesome either way, as suggesting to friends is impossible! Cindy would say no if I really asked her.
bottoms up