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Fun captions abound on the internet, and one might just be useful to any reader who wants but is too timid to suggest the fantasy to their partner...
By now, I hope all the readers comments, and my descriptions have given anyone who has not talked to their partner about spanking to have the nerve to ask to be spanked, whether you are the male or the female
However, maybe it might be that you would like her to wear something that is very revealing, so that she can give you a delicious thrill. Cindy does this occasionally
Maybe she should flash you sometimes. I truly love this, and have taken many, many topless photos of Cindy around the world,
 specially in spring or fall when the tourists are not all around
and occasionally absolutely nude photos, and somewhere else than at a nudist beach.in a  quiet place. The thought of a few places (on a hillside, walking beside the ocean, and a few others spring to mind)
Maybe you might suggest she take a topless or even less clothing photo and send it to you electronically Cindy has NEVER sent me electronically any erotic photos of herself..
but one can always hope
Many more ideas exist, and I will post some of them in the next few days.... We have done all of the above, except Cindy has never sent me any topless or more photos of herself.

Have you done any of the above, besides the spanking?

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Merryslave said...

I frequently ask to be spanked. Merry is happy to oblige.
She does not send me naughty selfies, though

Cat said...

Good advice, Red. Some of these pictures are very lovely. But my favorite is the Starbucks post. LOL Have a great weekend.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I envy you for having taken photos of Cindy in "public". We do have one spot very deserted and there is a picnic bench that Robyn has laid on while I lick and suck her and we have had sex there. For some time Robyn has taken pictures of me after a spanking but for some reason we stopped doing that. Like Cat I love the Starbucks post.

Red said...

Merry: thanks for sharing...
Cat: Best things about the pictures is that they remind us of another facet of fun vacations
archedone; wonderful to involve in sexual escapades outdoors...
I liked that Starbucks thought.. that would be me, without any electronics.
bottoms up

Baxter said...

Early in our marriage we were out walking the Long Trail in Vermont when we let each other know we were horny. We went off the trail not very far in the shrubby underbrush and had sex. People walking the trail were only maybe six feet away. it was a lot of fun. On the same trip to Vermont, we were tent camping and it was a full moon. We pulled a sleeping bag out and had sex in the moonlight. great fun

Red said...

baxter: thanks for the comment, and I hope you drop by frequently. Making love outdoors is wonderful, and we have done it a number of times. The most recent, thinking we were alone, Cindy decided to have me sit on a bench and proceeded to give me a BJ, but partway through we heard a couple talking loudly, a very short distance away. We stopped, but I am quite certain they had seen us, retreated a little way, then started talking loudly. We finished off and more later at the motel.
I long for the day when we could make fun of every politician of every party, and not take it personally. I love British humor where they roast everybody.
bottoms up