Happy Spankoween

This is how adults should celebrate, after the children have gone to bed..
Whether you have buns of steel, or not
maybe some spooky which panties can add an extra level of devilment to your life
you can even distract a male from looking at your FANGS!
Remember: Naughty witches get spanked for their pranks. Happy Halloween! 
 of course, the witches have to be older than 18
 so delight in toasting buns this Spankoween

 and maybe

add a new fantasy with costumes

bottoms up



Talking to a new friend from Europe: Gretchen

I love talking to real people from nearby and from around the world... Here is  a communication I recently received, and I will do this post in two  parts.

Gretchen has sent me quite a number of VERY AROUSING photos, so I am including three today.... What a naughty woman!!!  PS: these are some of the least naughty photos.

Seems to me she should show this post to her husband, for him to determine if she needs to be spanked immediately....    I can almost feel the cane landing from this side of the pond...

Dear Cindy and Red,

I love your blog a lot  - it's really creative and quite arousing. I appreciate the efforts you put in up-dating the blog so frequently. Apparently you like spanking (or getting spanked) as I do (by my husband), correct me if I 'm wrong...

As some of my personal pix are floating around on the net, I'm always happy and proud if they appear here and there - as you did on July 1: actually two shots from larger series: sexy woman - wearing black stockings - with a dozen and more cane strokes on her bare and a blonde young lady giving head after a proper incentive spanking.  Again, don't worry about IPRs or so - as it makes me proud.

All the best from Europe - many greetings and happy spanking

PS: Enjoy some more from my private treasure chest - please feel free to post them if they fit in your story telling environment.

My reply:
Hi Gretchen:

Thank you for such kind words. They are many visitors to the blog, but very few ever write comments, let alone send a private email. I was extremely pleased to receive your email.

I do enjoy the thoughts about spanking, the afterglow, the relieving stress, but during a spanking I have a less than fond opinion of spanking. However, as soon as the spanking is over, I am sometimes wishing it had gone on longer.

Spankings do excite and arouse me, and I am glad to hear they have the same effect for you. 

I remember  someone or something Lausberger as a spanking website! Could you give me your actual website address..  I recently had a problem with my computer, and the Mozilla Firefox I was using solely for sparking sites  had all my bookmarks, and it became corrupted. I had to delete it, and thus have only a few websites and tumblrs about spanking. IF you send me your website link, I will make a post about it, and put it on my sites to visit list on my blog. Whatever other details you wish to give me about your lifestyle spankings would be a delight to post on my blog.

http://lausberger.tumblr.com/Thank you for permission to use the photos that I have already used, and for the wonderful photos you have sent me, with permission to post.
With apologies for using some photos without permission.  I do NOT remove URL from photos, but simply use photos I find on Tumblrs.

We are frequent visitors to Europe, last visiting  France for two weeks, and eastern Europe (Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw)  are on our list in the next couple of years. I will write when we are ever going to Central Europe, such that if we visit the city where you live, we can always meet for coffee or a beer/ wine. Also, depending how long our travel plans are, I would ask for recommendations of other sites to visit.

Feel free to write anytime, and I will always reply when I am in town.

Happy spankings
bottoms up

Gretchen has a very interesting tumblr, which I will promote at a later date.

For everyone's information, I tend to communicate with people who I believe are in a real relationship, and have a love of spanking. I am still receiving comments that appear to be fictional, so I do not post them. My apologies if one of your comments was deleted. Anonymous is always suspect now, and if a new name appears, I go to check if it has any posts, or any previous views.




Another tangent for today..... I would like to refer everyone to a wonderful tumblr, without spanking or other fetishes.

Best to look at the archive, so you can skim, but here is just one example that I never knew, and is absolutely wonderful

Frances Oldham Kelsey, Who Saved U.S. Babies From Thalidomide. Here are the first three paragraphs...
The sedative was Kevadon, and the application to market it in America reached the new medical officer at the Food and Drug Administration in September 1960. The drug had already been sold to pregnant women in Europe for morning sickness, and the application seemed routine, ready for the rubber stamp.
But some data on the drug’s safety troubled Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, a former family doctor and teacher in South Dakota who had just taken the F.D.A. job in Washington, reviewing requests to license new drugs. She asked the manufacturer, the William S. Merrell Company of Cincinnati, for more information.
Thus began a fateful test of wills. Merrell responded. Dr. Kelsey wanted more. Merrell complained to Dr. Kelsey’s bosses, calling her a petty bureaucrat. She persisted.....

She stopped American babies from being born without arms or legs..... 

There is a short synopsis : which had me search further, and found the above article....

Another great find on this site


So, while you visit my blog to talk about spanking, remember that their is so much more to life than just spanking your partner. You need to connect emotionally, have positive outlooks on life, and s o much more. Spanking is just a little spice to add to a wonderful life.

and keep smiling



philosophy (???) on a Spanking Blog???????

Something to celebrate and live by every day  of the year, not just on international Woman's Day.

When you are young the first sometimes applies, but as you age, the latter becomes truer and truer..
In the blink of the eye, we are gone, and only, maybe, remembered
and I consider myself so overwhelmingly, exceptionally fortunate to have met and married the love of my life, and beyond amazing that she has eventually willingly accepted spanking me when needed, or just for fun
followed by
such a LONG belt
doubled (yikes)

bottoms up

PS: I still miss Calvin and Hobbes


fun thoughts for the day

A man can dream

I doubt the above was EVER true.... but  a great description for today would be:

A one word answer of yes  or no can only be answered with three words

followed by
bottoms up
and then keep smiling
okay, this might earn me a spanking, but I think it is a fun photo and caption


thought for today

Some days,
and thus
bottoms up



submissive captioned thoughts

Well, if you are consensually spanked, a portion of your make-up has to be submissive, in my humble opinion.
Thus, your sweet girlfriend might consider saying ideas that become rules, such as:
 so what was once a fantasy, slowly becomes reality
bath brush time
and then
and maybe she might even add a few thoughts of her own...
a interesting conclusion
bottoms up