Spanked the next Day

Cindy is in the mood, of not tolerating dumb things. That is, I am being spanked often. Yesterday morning, the day after the last spanking, Cindy walked into the computer room, holding the wooden soup stirrer.


Bend over the couch and lower your pants and underwear. Yes, Dear.

Many hard spanks later, Cindy paused to explain what I had done that upset her.  A foolish action on my part, where I had done a little (or a lot) too much elaboration on something I thought she was forgetting to do. She had planned the meals around my schedule for the day, but I had afterwards talked about how she had not put her shopping of cosmetics away, and they were still on the dining room table. I apologized. (smart man, but  a little too late). (In my defense, which I did not say in the middle of being spanked, that pants she had purchased were still in the bag on the couch five days after being purchased. In addition, the bedding that we had recently purchased: we had already put the duvet cover on, and I had washed the sheets on the weekend, but they still were not used to make the bed in the spare bedroom on the Wednesday.

Then more spanks, each hard, and meant to be felt, significantly.

When Cindy stated I could get up, I apologized again, and then thanked her for planning the meals for being appropriate for my early evening sporting activity.

Permitted to look in the mirror, my bottom was quite red, and fiercely red in a few places.

In case you have not noticed, I leave a spanking post of myself or Cindy being spanked without a following new post the next day.

Thus, this spanking actually happened yesterday, and Cindy just a short while ago, asked whether I wanted my warning "behave" spanking today or tomorrow.  She re-counted how I misbehaved the previous year at these people's house, I remembered, and said tomorrow, as it will be a sore bottom I am sitting on while eating. By the time this is posted, I will have already been spanked again.

I can readily say that Cindy approves of spanking me as a way to change behavior, and solve problems.

bottoms up


Unknown said...

Life is hard, when I think about the love that is bestowed with a caring female, willing to spank others and not me. It alone, drives me inner darkness.

Njspank said...

Love it

Anonymous said...

I was (as usual) "on duty" this weekend to do the chores I am expected to perform in the usual attire (and which J. has me recite while slashing my bottom after finishing the breakfast I must bring her to bed). Yesterday (SA), whether because I was especially diligent or because she had planned an outing in the woods, I only got a short "reminder" (later followed, of course, by a stern outdoors birching!)... Today, however, despite that earlier session, I was again required to do my assigned chores in the "usual" way -i.e. with only a skimpy apron... and nothing else below the waist - and J. made sure to deliver a few "reminders" on my already sore derrière...

Red said...

Thomas: I am very fortunate.. good luck to you today and in the future
Ron: so do I (sort of)

Bill: you are welcome, and thanks for sharing...

L: seems like things are totally back to usual at your house after your summer vacation. Thanks for sharing
bottoms up