Red truly spanked the next day

Some things are forewarned in the stars... The day after I spanked Cindy, i was well spanked.

The reason: we were going out with good friends, but they also occasionally during the evening get on your nerves... best not say anything else...

Thus, a warning behave tonight spanking was given...

How was it different. Cindy used the short tawse on my "over her knee bare bottom". Cindy used the tawse to spank one cheek at a time, whereas she usually uses it across both cheeks at once.

The fingers of the tawse truly entered my crack between the cheeks, and my feet started dancing and re-acting at the first spank. Cindy must have seen this, and realized: "This is REALLY EFFECTIVE".
Thus, many spanks to the closest cheek, and then she moved to the furthest cheek. he furthest cheek permitted the tawse to wrap somewhat down my right side. Again, this elicited owws and squirming, a definite sign that she was being effective, and thus , something to continue.
Many spanks were given, and then Cindy paused, but only to question me on the meaning of a warning spanking. I explained : If I misbehave, a  more severe spanking when I get home."

Well said!  Then Cindy began the spanking again, refreshed from her brief pause, and I was reacting significantly.
After many spanks, again visiting the crack OFTEN!!!!!!, Cindy stated, okay, let's try this small cane from Ronnie.

The short OTK cane was a first time use, and it is very effective, as Cindy spanked with rapid swooshing strokes on my bottom.

Every spank had strength behind it, as Cindy wanted to return the favor of her being spanked yesterday.
I was permitted to stand up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

When I looked in the mirror, my bottom was very red, but really fire engine red between the cheeks, an area that is rarely if ever spanked. I guess that tawse is even more effective than I knew it could be.

Truly, a very effective spanking. My bottom was sore throughout the evening, as we sat and watched a fun performer (singer). The next morning after a shower, the inner crack was still red, whereas the cheeks were pink.

Keep enjoying life. We are!

bottoms up


Cat said...

Awww Red...knew this was coming. I take it you didn't need a more severe spanking so guess it was effective. Thanks for the giggles...I have seen old people and then realized I graduated with them! Love the tax one...very cute.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Cindy seems to improve her spanking skills each time she spanks you. Look at the bright side, if you had been bent over something and she used the tawse can you imagine how sore your inner crack would be?

Red said...

Cat: this was a real significant spanking, which I accept as Cindy decides what is needed. I knew it would be coming...

archedone: so very true, and Cindy is deciding to be much more effective than she usually is, which has always been significant
bottoms up