Cindy's turn to be spanked OTK

Let one thing be clear: Cindy does not enjoy being spanked, but I do enjoy spanking her cute bottom.

She has been spanked many times over the years, and you can read about them by looking at the drop down list on the side of this blog entitled Cindy's spankings. I had not thought to make a dropdown quick access to her spankings, so many of the spankings are titled the same, but I assure you that they are all on different occasions.

I also realize, in re-publishing of some of spankedhubby.blogspot.com, she has been spanked for many years.

The reason: Cindy is sometimes a bull in a china shop. She trimmed the flowers outside, which we have been working on all year extending the garden. When I worked in the garden the next day, I put some weeds in the bin, and found many lily stems with half opened NEW  buds that had not yet opened. Every stem in the lilies had been cut off, with no distinction between new and old. A mistake.

I showed a few of them to Cindy, stating you made a mistake, but she strongly disagreed and stated : no, they were all dead flowers. It took some convincing to have her realize that these were the half way point of new flowers, not the dead remains. This is a different type of lily from earlier in the year.

I stated she needs a proper spanking to make her remember before she goes gardening. I would have acquiesced, except she had originally argued that they were dead and completely and almost high handed dismissed the idea, until i had her REALLY LOOK

I repeated, a REAL sparking, with the hair brush. She said no, (not NO!!!), and stated I do not wish to be spanked. I reminded her that spankings have worked for her in the past, and gave her two examples. one was leaving shoes in the middle of the floor where we could fall and injure our self. Shoes are almost always away, or beside the wall now, and if not, a simple : do you need a reminder spanking, and they are away immediately, and for a few weeks later.
The second was a reminder that she requested a spanking so that she could read a book on a cruise ship, instead of us spending time together that evening. The book would have disappeared from her IPad at midnight.

Bare bottom, over my knee, while I am sitting on the spanking chair. a fun rubbing her bottom while i lectured why she was over my knee, and how she can avoid it in the future. I was having much more fun than Cindy.

A slow spanking, of two spanks, one to each cheek, and a pause, while Cindy owwed and requested not so Hard!

Another two spanks, and her bottom is showing some red. A pause for the spanking to sink in, and the uncomfortable idea that she is over my knnes to be spanked.

Two more.  OWws

Two more, and Cindy's response that: that is enough... Reply, that is only eight, and we need to get to twenty.

Two more... that must be twenty... No, would you like the next ten fast or slow.... No response,,,, I well know the dilemma of wanting it to stop, but not wanting to endure a long flurry of spanks...

two more, followed by six lighter spanks given quickly... with Cindy squirming on my lap to avoid the spanks...

Massage Cindy's bottom a little, and she is soon on her feet, begrudgingly thanks me for her spanking...
and you just know I will be spanked in the near future...
Cindy's bottom was no where near this red, but she knew she had been spanked..

I reminded Cindy that all i have to do is raise an eyebrow, or mention be careful what you trim, and she will now be EXTREMELY careful.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Cindy deserved that spanking she was not looking at what she was doing, and not admitting what she had done should have meant 2 different spankings. I know spanking her bottom with your hand is fun but maybe a belt would also be proper.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, hugs to Cindy, accidents happen,lol
love Jan, xx

Cat said...

Hey Red...Every time you spank Cindy, it seems as if it's not too long before she finds a reason to give you a barn burner. Hope you're ready for it. :) Love the butt rub sign.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Hi, Red, there is an obvious malbalance: you receive more trashings from her compared to what she gets from you! Very interesting - in my marriage it is the opposite: I do receive 95% of all spankings in total! Is there more justified? Cheers - happy spanking / happy Sunday Mari

Red said...

TIM: thanks for sharing
archedone: she deserved it,, and as you say, not admitting she made a mistake, warranted the hair brush tha tI used.

Jan: this accident will not happen again, as a slight verbal reminder to be careful will have her think while gardening.

Cat: very true, and i expected it. I was spanked significantly the next day.

Sunday Man: appears we are very similar, as we are both spanked most of the time.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Again love OTK hand spankings. Very erotic