"Behave well tonight" spanking

As I have already stated, I was given a choice of a spanking today,. or one tomorrow. Today would have been the third in three days. It would have been very effective, but I felt knowing a spanking tomorrow before we visited friends would have a longer lasting effect.  (or maybe I just did not want a spanking today, when I made the choice)

Tomorrow came, as it always does, until it never comes again.

I never mentioned the spanking, and Cindy was quite busy during the day. However, around 3Pm she walked into the room where I was and stated: "Time for your spanking!"

Cindy walked up the stairs, and I followed her. She decided the wooden bath brush, and a long cane from Ronnie.

After I moved the spanking chair into the middle of the room, I then retrieved Cindy's spanking shoes, and helped her put them on. Bare bottom, over her knee, Cindy asked if my arms and shoulders were okay. Responding yes, a flurry of hard spanks descended quickly, almost taking my breath away. (I counted eleven, as a distraction to the rapid beginning, but did count any afterwards).

A pause, as Cindy began the questioning: did I know why I was being spanked? My answer was yes. I had drank too much wine the last time we visited, and became somewhat argumentative in one case..  Correct..

WOW!. The flurry of hard spanks with that Vermont Country bath brush had me bouncing and owwing significantly. At least twenty or more spanks...

Another pause: so what are you going to do to prevent this re-occurring? I will make certain not to drink to much, and avoid again situations where I strongly disagree with something, and simply change the topic. CORRECT.

My, you are giving the correct answers... followed by many more rapid hard spanks. I could feel a MOISTENING in the corners of my eyes, even while bouncing around a bit, and dancing with my feet a little.

Okay, maybe we should review this, so stand  up and let us try the long cane....

As I took up position with my hands on the bed, bending at the waist, and holding my stomach in to protect my back...
Are your shoulders okay, your stomach muscles engaged? yes...

Many short rapid spanks, aiming for the far cheek, although both are being struck, and then many more only on the close cheek... and some harder strokes where the cane traveled a longer distance.
Do you think you will remember this conversation? Yes, dear.

Okay, a few more, and then we will stop.. maybe ten more, and I was permitted to stand, and I immediately thanked Cindy.

In looking in the mirror, my bottom was a dark red for the bottom half, but white at the top. Reason, is that Cindy states : not enough meat there.
Thus, to redden this area a little, I stood upright, while another ten or so strokes with the cane were applied to this area. OWWWWWWWW!

End result...
Two different feelings, one for the dark red part of my bottom, and one for the red lined area of the top of my bottom.

I drank modestly, slowly, and refused a refill of my glass a couple of times.
Everyone was charming, including me.

thought it would be nicer to see women's spanked bottoms, instead of mine
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I have at times been spanked 3 days in a row for different offenses. By the last day the bottom is very tender. I've said it before Cindy is really enjoying spanking you and I have to wonder if after a spanking she isn't a little wet. You are a lucky man to have her. Have you ever had an all day spanking where she spanks, then stops for a bit then spanks again and keeps that up all day long. talk about a sore bottom and she doesn't have to spank that hard.

Red said...

archedone:I have never had an all day spanking, but can imagine it's effect. Doubt I would ever suggest that, but who knows. Cindy does enjoy spanking me when needed, to defuse whatever situation needs defusing.
bottoms up

Tim . said...

Happy Christmastide to both of you and spanked botties.

Red said...

Thanks Tim, and the same to you
bottoms up