Why men get spanked

Sometimes, it is simply because a woman does not appreciate our sense of humor....
Her reaction was straight forward
bottoms up
I purchased a tee-shirt with this on while in Bonaire..
 always love Bizarro

bottoms up


  1. If you ask my husband, men need direction and reminders that marriage is not all about themselves. My husband learned while dating I would take charge, he said that was fine, but if you ask him while facing the wall with a very red, warm, stinging bare bottom, the answer might be different. None the less, our marriage is strong, my hand is strong, and his bottom will attest to that. Susan

  2. When you have spanking implements in the house it's best to watch what you say or you could end up like the man in the picture feeling the cane. I like what Susan said she sounds like she is well in control.

  3. Susan: hope you use more than your hand to be truly effective

    Archedone: spankings in general tend to make you behave better. All that is needed is privacy for a spanking to happen, and usually an implement can be found besides just using a hand. Most men wear belts.
    Bottoms up

    1. Susan, I have, hairbrush, bath brush especially on wet bottom. The one that leaves his squirming the most and the longest is a very large hairbrush my mother gave me.


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