The almighty finger

think about it
and now, today's post
Not the almighty pen, but the almighty finger..
It might be saying, down on the floor, on your knees, between my legs
 and then
equally effective, it could now be saying on your knees on the bed
what follows is obvious
or, is the finger saying over the knees, now..

When you are going to be spanked,

does your partner simply point?

Cindy simply pats her knee for me to go over it, when sitting on the spanking chair.
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

When I saw the title "the almighty finger" I never expected you were referring to a pointing index finger.

But I suppose index fingers are pretty commanding.......and you also never know where they've been! ;-)

Anonymous said...

She points and her finger tells me to quickly bare my bottom and over her lap, NOW!

Anonymous said...

Red, I know when Cheryl is going to spank there is a word that she uses "Buster" that tells me she is angry....before we took your suggestions we would both be in a bad mood unhappy with each other but now she smiles and I go over her knee, shorts up for a bit and then she reaches for her dad's hairbrush and the shorts come down and we go to bed happy....THANKS RED George

Anonymous said...

J. (like N.) may simply "point" when a "simple" spanking is called for (and the need for it has been agreed upon), but when some harsher treatment is required (in her opinion), a more elaborate ritual may be decreed. This may involve some bare-bottom preliminary "corner time" and/or my being ordered to fetch and present (on my knees) the "tools" of her choice while begging for the punishment I "deserve". Thanking her afterwards (and "kissing the rod") is a must - whether or not some subsequent "corner time" is decreed.

Anonymous said...

No pointing needed. We agree on a pkay time and we get on with it. Simples!


Red said...

Kdpierre: the finger Is all powerful, and cannot be disobeyed
Anon : no discussion is permitted when the finger has spoken
Cheryl and George : very happy for both of you folks that you have found a method that many readers use to make life happier
L: sounds perfect. With years of experience in perfecting the spanking experience
Yorkie: sounds great, but you should experience at least once, a non-play spanking
Bottoms up