spanking thoughts for today

The chivalrous man of old
and, thus
and has resulted in an old saying, being changed...
and she will wait, somewhat impatiently, while you undress
men are definitely slow learners about housework
bottoms up, and always smile, as she is smiling in the above photo while spanking her man



kdpierre said...

OK, OK....as the resident curmudgeon of captions, in order to have any credibility at all, I have to be honest and give credit where credit is due and acknowledge a great caption when I see one.......and that first one with the knight and lady made me roar! I actually shared it with my Rosa and she agreed with it too. It was SO GOOD I stole it for future use. Thanks, Red, for the best laugh of my week!

Red said...

KDPIERRE: So very happy to give you, and anyone else who liked it, a smile...
bottoms up