Spanked on vacation

We are having a wonderful time, swimming in the ocean, eating seafood, and relaxing. However, I keep screwing up, briefly, and being significantly spanked each time.

Knowing that we are in a phase of spankings that are more meaningful and very effective, I brought with us the wooden bath brush, and the long tawse. (Something I am already regretting)

Maybe the canes I purchased from Ronnie have encouraged Cindy to spank harder.

Sunday had me otk for the bath brush, after a long drive Saturday.  We have both forgotten the reason why, but it was an appropriate response to something I did or stated.

The spanking had it's usual effect of my feet dancing, and much owing, which Cindy is enjoying. Appreciation for her efforts. The spankings are no longer short, and Cindy pauses at least once or more times to take a little rest, then begins again refreshed!

When permission was given to stand, it was simply so the finishing touches could be given to the top part of my bottom, and a significant number of spanks were given. While otk, Cindy states that my bottom has no padding at the higher parts. Thus, a solution has been found to correct this white area! Yikes!

I thanked Cindy for the spanking. We took a picture, but on the regular camera, which I cannot transfer here. I also have a problem on my windows 10 computer that it somehow has a few photos of my spanked bottom stored in it's picture file, and it has popped up a couple of times when the computer moves to sleep mode. This also got me significantly spanked , and I am trying to find the photos to delete them. Any suggestions, besides keeping the computer off whenever anyone visits?
Bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, my suggestion is that you behave, lol
love Jan, xx

Fondles said...

i'm really awful with technology. so i wish you well. perhaps google it? Thats my usual go-to. and BIKSS has also found a way to remedy the lack of fleshy parts during certain position spankings. i simply get to change positions. sheeesh.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Cindy is doing her part to keep harmony in the family and you are doing your part by presenting your bottom so Cindy can do her part. From many past posts Cindy is getting more active and enjoying spanking you. For your problem with the pictures it is windows 10 it's self. If you can install windows 7 and you can correct the problem. Windows 10 has caused everyone problems.

Red said...

All hers: maybe vacations give less structure, and more togetherness, and thus ..... a greater happiness to spank often.

JanI thought you would be suggesting keep doing what you are doing.

Fondles: changing positions works

Archedone Windows ten is awful.. Cindy looks almost like the smiling woman in night clothes on the sidebar

Susan delightful.. you should let people know where this hotel is

Bottoms up