Spanked the next evening

Spanked Thursday, drove Friday, spanked Sunday, and now another on Monday. Each was deserved, and somehow they cannot be avoided. Certainly they can be avoided, but only by living an angelic life, and that is a situation that few men can ever achieve, while they are alive.

Cindy has finished a set of antibiotics, and is feeling well. We stopped after dinner at a restaurant, at a bar with music. The antibiotics ended four days ago, but last a few days longer. I asked her what she wanted to drink, and she replied ginger ale. I was having a Guinness, as it was an Irish bar, so asked again if she would like a Guinness. Oops

" I have told you at dinner and just now that I am not drinking alcohol today or tomorrow."

The entertainment was excellent, and a few families there were doing Irish dancing, and delightfully two young girls, maybe 4 and 6 danced alone to the music at times.

A delightful evening!

When we entered our cottage, Cindy immediately stated: get in the bedroom, get out a spanking implement, and prepare yourself!!!!!, then wait for me.

Dumbfounded, I entered the bedroom. , took out the long tawse , stripped naked, put two pillows, one on top of the other, and positioned my self over the pillows so that my bottom was raised. 

Upon entering our bedroom, Cindy stated  "Well, at least you can listen, sometimes " 

Cindy picked up the tawse, and administered many spanks with it. Then, a pause, while she stated that I am not to push alcohol at her! Refreshed, Cindy began again with the sound of the tawse being echoed by my grunts and owns, and feet dancing. 

When Cindy stopped, I thanked her for the spanking, apologized for my errors, and when looking in the mirror, saw that my bottom was red from the top of the legs and bottom crease, to the top of my bottom. The leather implement permits spanking higher without fear of injury, but never, ever, above the bottom.

We are having a wonderful vacation, and I am glad there is no nude beach anywhere nearby.

Bottoms up 


Anonymous said...

Red you are one lucky man to have Cindy paying close attention to your best behavior. I love the way you used two pillows I'm sure it presented Cindy with a good target. At least you enjoyed the dancing but having said that I'm sure even with the ouches you also enjoyed her spanking you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the tawse looked inviting as it sat on top of your ass waiting for Cindy. Well done and keep up with these minor infractions!


Red said...

Arched one: very true, but never while the spanking is in full force
Matt: I have
Bottoms up